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May was a bit of a crazy month in this house. At the beginning of the month I quit my full time job. I suddenly went from full time employee to full time blogger with a side gig. Transitioning from a working mom to a work from home mom isn’t easy. However, I am so completely grateful for the change in pace.

Update 3/2/18: I am officially a full time blogger and full time work at home mom now. I have no side gigs or part time jobs to bring in money. It’s taken a lot of hard work and massively cutting our expenses but it worked and I can happily spend each and every day with my awesome little guy … until he starts throwing a tantrum.

Working Mom

As a working mom my schedule was very hard to nail down. This meant work always came first. By the time I finished work and I spent some time with Lucas, I had little time to work on this blog or my Etsy shop. I was stuck and going nowhere fast.

It was hard to plan our lives, hard to accomplish things, and I hated being away from Lucas so much. You can see how I did manage being a working mom with my Working Mom’s Guide to Spending More Time with your Kids.

I Quit

I quit my job at 1:30 pm on a Saturday. By 2:15 that same day I landed a side gig booked. The side gig, the blog, and the etsy shop along with other forms of income would make up the income lost.

It was nerve racking to lose my main source of income and knew I needed a plan to get things going as quickly as possible. That weekend I set up my marketing plan for social media. I started working on posts. Finally, I pushed myself into a schedule to stick to.

Real quick aside for those looking to start businesses to work at home. The Ultimate Bundles: Work at Home Ultimate Bundle has some amazing information regarding everything you need to know about starting an at home business. It’s packed with everything from planning, legal, to tips on freelancing, job opportunities, and starting an Etsy shop. The bundle is valued at over $1500. You get 37 resources jam packed with knowledge from some of the most successful people working from home, for only $47. This is a must have bundle for any person looking to work from home.

The New Schedule

I work outside of the home 2-3 nights a week for a few hours. Nothing major but it gets me out of the home. During the week I do about an hour or two a day at home for my job. The majority of my time is spent working on this blog, pinning, scheduling social media, scheduling blog posts and continuing to study.

I work from home

It hit me about 1 week into my experience. Outside of running errands I spent the majority of my time in home. From sun up to sun down with the exception of approximately 4 hours for the side gig, Lucas and I spent all our time together.

Suddenly, I had all this productive time on my hands. Rob is leaving the home to handle his daily tasks and I was the main caregiver to our 2 year old son. I played with him, cuddled him, even got caught up on Grey’s Anatomy.

Working Mom to Work from Home Mom - How to Survive the transition & be your own boss.

It hit me and I loved it. Inspiration for posts flooding my brain daily. My bullet journal filled fast with to do’s and they were getting done. Additionally, I wasn’t having anxiety problems like before. It became clear, this is the life I want, I’m doing this. I’m finally creating the life I want.

Check out my post How To Start A Blog The Right Way.

Being my own boss

I’m sure most people just see me as a housewife with a side project. They envision a woman who cleans the house, plays with her kid, cooks the meals, and slowly sips a cup of coffee while looking at her Etsy shop or puts together a blog post. What they don’t see is all the work that goes into it.

Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up at 7 by habit and not an alarm clock. I’ll make coffee and drink a couple of cups while I check emails and social media. My son will wake up around 7:30 or 8 and I’ll get breakfast ready for him. He’ll watch Blue’s Clues for about 30 minutes while he eats and I’ll start my first batch of pinning on Pinterest. I’ll also finish putting together a blog post or two and schedule more posts for all of my social media.

By 4:15 I’ll be out the door for work for a few hours and return home by 10pm. With Lucas already in bed, I’ll finish up work notes and start right back at the blog.

On days when I’m not going into work I am still working all day with breaks for my child as needed. Social media marketing is full time and I can automate it as much as possible but I have to create each and every post. Day in and day out I market this blog.

Check out my post How To Stop Favor Asking When You Work From Home.


Some people ask why would you give up guaranteed money for a business of your own? Today my son started speech therapy. I didn’t need to request off or ask to leave work early. I just went and did what I needed to do for my son.

Working Mom to Work from Home Mom - How to Survive the transition & be your own boss.

The only person or thing I answer to is my businesses. No coworkers saying ugly horrible things behind my back. No reason to prove where I’ve been or what I’m doing when I’m taking a day off for personal reasons. Finally, not being called in because I’m the one they can count on.

Not that being your own boss isn’t difficult or hard. You work a lot harder than if you work at a “real” job. It’s well worth it though.

Check out my post Time Management Tips For Work At Home Moms.

The biggest piece of advice

Create a schedule and do your best to stick to it. If you want to be successful as a blogger or home business owner you will need to work and work hard. So figure out a plan, initiate the plan, and stick with it. Don’t ever give up.

I use a bullet journal to keep my schedule. I created a guide to Starting and Using a Bullet Journal. It includes layouts and tips that will help you start your own. Use them to keep track of goals, tasks, events, or anything you need.

Make sure you check out that Work At Home Ultimate Bundle I mentioned earlier. It’s an amazing deal filled with awesome information.

What was your transition from a working mom to a work at home mom like? What tips would you give to other parents who are transitioning? Leave a comment below. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your favorite parenting board.

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