How To Make Money On Etsy With Pinterest

Make A Sale Every Day On Etsy With Pinterest Featured

How To Make Money On Etsy With Pinterest

The 5 Step Process to Making a Sale a Day on Etsy
Stop Waiting for Etsy Sales Make a Sale a Day with Pinterest

It’s a common problem to rank in Etsy search results. Even with fantastic keywords and renewing schedules often times in certain flooded markets on Etsy it’s hard to rank in their searches. This of course makes it difficult to get your products in front of the eyes of your potential customers. Unless you use Pinterest for Etsy it’s difficult to get to that sale a day goal. I’m teaching you how to make money on Etsy with Pinterest.

What if you could get your product in front of the eyes of potential customers without spending a dime? What if there was a platform with over 150 million active monthly users that you could show your products to? Does this sound awesome to you?

I’ve got fantastic news for you. There is such a platform, it’s free, and you probably already use it. If you haven’t guessed it’s Pinterest. Pinterest is the best tool to use for marketing your Etsy products. If you pick any social media network to focus all of your marketing on it needs to be Pinterest.

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Why not to rely on only Etsy search results

Many years ago Etsy would reward sellers who made a lot of sales by showing the most popular sellers at the top of Etsy search results. Etsy realized after the platform started gaining more and more traction for handmade sellers that if they wanted to make money they would need to equally show all the sellers.

Enter the new search result algorithm. In order to keep more sellers Etsy needed to show new sellers or not so popular sellers at the top of the search results from time to time. This pissed off a lot of veteran Etsy sellers. It also delighted new sellers and older sellers that haven’t sold much.

I’m sure by now you are saying, “Isn’t this a good thing?”

Yes and no. Yes you show up in the search results with new or renewed products. However, there are over 1.4 million sellers who are listing and renewing products on a daily basis. There is a good chance that you will stay on front page for maybe a day and then slowly your listing will slide lower and lower in ranking.

Renewing daily or even weekly can be expensive for people who are just starting out. Unless you are selling a product daily and that product is on automatic renewal it just doesn’t make sense to keep renewing a product in hopes that it will sell.

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What about all that Keyword Research

Keyword research is still important. You still want the right keywords in place for when you are making regular sales.

Having the right keywords also makes sharing to Pinterest easier as your pin descriptions will need a lot less work. It’s always better to minimize work especially in the beginning as the majority of your time should be spent on getting new products up.

However, keywords in your Etsy listings are not going to drive nearly enough traffic for you to be making sales every day. As you can see by the following two graphics, the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

Make a Sale a Day on Etsy with Pinterest

How to Market your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Tapping into the Pinterest market increases your chances in being found and selling your products to people who are ready to buy.

Why You Should Focus On Pinterest

Using Pinterest in your marketing strategy is the absolute best way to start making sales. There are a few reasons why.

First, Etsy has about 54 million monthly buyers. Pinterest has 150 million monthly users. Using Pinterest you are getting your products in front of people who may not have even heard of Etsy before.

Let’s take a closer look at Pinterest users shall we?

There are 2 million users who save shopping pins to their boards daily. That’s 2 million daily users who save things they can buy on Pinterest.

Out of 150 million active users on pinterest 93% of them use pinterest as a way to plan for future purchases.

Half of the users on Pinterest have an average income of 50k a year, while 10% of pinteresting households are making greater than 125k per year.

In case you are still not convinced by the greatness that is Pinterest I have one final stat for you. 87% of pinterest users have purchased a product because of pinterest.

Now you have a complete understanding of just why Pinterest is so important for not only your Etsy shop but for any online business you have.

How To Make Money On Etsy With Pinterest

Setting up your Account

First, when you create your business account and you set up your profile think like your customer not the business owner.

Use your business name and branding so your customers can find you. However, your boards and any keywords you use in any descriptions should be thought up as your ideal customer. What type of boards would your customers have? What type of keywords would your customer search for?

If you are in jewelry, you want to create fashion boards. If you are in home decor, you want home decor boards. Baby items, create all sorts of parenting and children boards.

Group Boards

Next, you will start looking for group boards and ask to join. Once added as a contributor you will want to follow every rule posted. You will create schedules based around those group board rules.

You will pin a lot, especially in the beginning while you are trying to build up your follower count. Pin mostly from the stream and also from blogs you may read. Continue pinning to your own boards randomly throughout the day. Pin your products to your group boards at different times of the days.

Check out my post The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest Group Boards for Etsy.


Follow people as they interest you, but don’t follow a ton then try to unfollow. Pinterest notifications do not notify people in the same way they used to. The follow back is not a common practice anymore because of this.

The only way to get more followers on Pinterest at this time is to pin often. Be extremely active on Pinterest and over a little bit of time Pinterest will start featuring you in the streams of your customers.


Pinterest is not a social media network, it is a search engine. This means you will need great keywords. The best way to find keywords on Pinterest is to search the topic.

All those boxes of words at the top of the search results are additional keywords for the topic you just searched. You want to use as many of those in your profile, in your board descriptions, and in your pin descriptions.

Pinterest Images

You have the ability to upload 10 photos of your product on Etsy. Make 3 or more of them special pinterest images. This means they are at a minimum 720×1200 px. Vertical, tall images, are best for pinterest.

Use clean backgrounds and keep in mind that reds do well on Pinterest. You can use reds, which include pinks or oranges, in the background or in the wording. Create 3 different images with different wording that could appeal to different people. You can create a collage of all the images of the product as well.

It took me about 4 months of extremely active use before I started making a sale a day from Pinterest. Thanks to using the right keywords for my products I had one of them go viral which now leads to my one sale a day.

Make sure you check out that Work At Home Ultimate Bundle I mentioned earlier. It’s an amazing deal filled with awesome information.

Now you know how you can increase your chances of making more sales using a tool that chances are you already use. Post any questions below and I will do my best to answer them. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your business boards.

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  1. Fantastic reasons to promote on Pinterest, thanks so much for your insight! I plan to open an Etsy shop in the next couple of years and this will help a lot! Of course, Pinterest will likely be significantly different by then (lol) but maybe it won’t!

    1. Author

      I’m sure there will be some changes to Pinterest over the next few years. However, I am confident that Pinterest will remain a huge influence for bloggers and small online businesses in reaching our perfect audiences. I wish you the best of luck on your Etsy shop, it is a fantastic platform for creative businesses.

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