Snag This Look – Inviting Dining Room

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room Featured

Snag This Look – Inviting Dining Room

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room

The dining room is a place where friends and family gather over a delicious meal. Often times a formal dining room can feel less than inviting. This weeks Snag this Look will show you how to create an inviting dining room.

I feel the best way to create an inviting dining room is to get rid of the traditional rectangular or oval dining room table. Instead use a round table. With no clear head of the table there is no leader at the table. It makes everyone feel like they are on equal ground.

While round tables are traditionally used in eat in kitchens by using one in your formal dining room you create the ultimate in inviting spaces to eat. The dining room I feature below has some features a round table that automatically sets the tone for an inviting room.

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Inspiration

Additionally the chairs all match making the room feel as though there is no superior in this room.

Furthermore the neutral colors are warm and inviting. By keeping the centerpiece low the views across the table is less obstructed.

When picking the correct table for your dining room you want to make sure you pick according to the size of your average event. The handy guide below will help in choosing the right size of table for your dining room.

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Table sizes

As with all Snag This Look posts are goal is to create a room similar to the one we feature. We don’t want to match exactly as you should have a style that is unique to you. I often times give recommendations on several different products.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Inviting Dining Room Table

Due to difference in preference of size it doesn’t make sense for me to make one recommendation alone. Instead I am going to give you some things to look for in your dining room table and send you to search results featuring some of those recommendations.

For this particular style you will want to go with a dark stained wood. I do not recommend Cherry as cherry can be soft and take damage easily. A walnut table, however, is a fantastic choice in a dining table as it is a strong sturdy wood. Additionally, walnut will take a rich dark stain very nicely.

I have made looking for a table a bit easier on you by already setting up search results. As always double check sizing and reviews on the table you choose. You can find those search results here.

My own personal choice in table is this one here. It has a couple different options in sizing and while I typically only need table that fits 6 people, I may up that in order to have larger events. Again it’s all due to your size preferences

Inviting Dining Room Chairs

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Chairs

I love the design of these chairs. They look comfortable. Almost like you could sit in them for hours drinking wine with friends and never be uncomfortable.

With the neutral tone of these chairs they will look fantastic with several different decor types.

Inviting Dining Room Rug

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Rug

I love this contemporary rug. It has an artistic and almost painting like look to it. I love that you can get it in large 8’x8’ square. This rug adds just a touch of color to our inviting dining room.

Inviting Dining Room Chandelier

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Lighting

I know what you’re saying, that looks nothing like the chandelier in our feature. It’s ok though. With some of the more contemporary touches in our inviting dining room I wanted to go for a chandelier that was less traditional.

This will go well in our dining room. This chandelier keeps it just a touch less formal than a traditional chandelier while offering plenty of lighting. Add it to a dimmer switch and set the mood for any event.

Inviting Dining Room Curtains

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Curtains

To keep with the neutral tones in this dining room I recommend getting white, grey, or beige curtains. Make the room feel larger with the added height above windows. Using a lighter tone makes the room feel larger as well.

Inviting Dining Room Centerpiece

Snag This Look - Inviting Dining Room - Centerpiece

For our final touch on our inviting dining room is our centerpiece. I like this particular piece for it’s simplicity. Not to mention you never have to water these or buy new flowers every week.

Additionally, they aren’t super high making conversation easier. Finally, tulips are a casual flower making the room feel less formal to your guests, therefore, making them feel more comfortable.

There you have it. You have the tips necessary and some fantastic ideas for creating your very own inviting living room. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your favorite home decor boards.

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