Snag This Look – Modern Living Room

Snag This Look - Modern Living Room Featured

Snag This Look – Modern Living Room

Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Create an inviting Modern Living Room

Welcome to another edition of snag this look. This week it’s all about modern black and white decor. Making a modern living feel cozy can be difficult, so today we are doing exactly that.

The key to making a modern living room feel cozy is to add some soft and inviting touches. A large plush rug warms up the oftentimes cold look of a modern living room.

Additionally, a large green plant and plenty of pillows makes a modern living room inviting. Display a few personal items and the modern decor transforms into a relaxing environment.

As always with snag this look we take a popular look and mimic it to work in your own home. Let’s take a look at today’s inspiration.

Modern Living Room

Snag this Look - Modern Living Room

This modern living room looks like a wonderful place to host guests, relax with a book, or date night with Netflix.

I love the soft gray sofa and plush rug, however it’s the small details on the coffee table and shelving that really makes it homey.

If you enjoy matching rooms in your entire house to create a flow I have the perfect rooms to look at to help complete this look. Check out The Blush and Grey Bedroom and the Industrial Home Office.


Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Sofa

While darker than the original that’s not a bad thing. Darker colors warm up a room making it more inviting. This sofa is a Serta. They typically have well made furniture.

Coffee Table

Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Coffee Table

I love this coffee table. It’s the perfect coffee table to set the modern tone of the room. Furthermore, the table will be a great center piece to your own modern living room.


Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Rug

This rug will absolutely soften the look in your modern living room. It is plush and soft while still being modern with the geometric shapes.


Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Pillows

These pillowcases will look fantastic on our grey sofa. The geometric patterns compliment the pattern in our rug.


Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Bookcase

This is a great bookcase for or modern living room. Add personal touches with favorite books or small decor items. Keep them clean not cluttered to avoid throwing off the look of the room.


Snag this Look - Modern Living Room - Baskets

Finally we have baskets to store throw blankets, magazines, books, remotes or any other miscellaneous items. Keep your coffee table free of clutter while still keeping most used items at arms length.

The biggest piece of advice to pulling off a modern living room is to keep it free from clutter. Make it inviting with soft feminine touches like plants, candles, and baskets. Use the extra storage wisely though with an extra throw and a few other items.

Do you have any helpful tips to achieving a modern look in your living room? Share them in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your home decor boards. Subscribe to receive posts like this to your inbox.

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