Best Books For Toddlers


Best Books For Toddlers

Read These 5 Books To Your Toddler and Escape Parent Book Boredom - Books for toddlers
How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - Best books for toddlers
5 Books Your Toddler Will Love - Best books for toddlers

My toddler loves books. That being said, I don’t know of any toddler who doesn’t love books. They do however have favorite books. They also like making you read the same books on repeat. I have a few techniques you can use when reading to your toddler that will help to prevent the reading of the same book several times in a row.

To keep reading to your toddler a fun activity for both of you I’m also including some of our favorite books. Some are purely educational while others are more story telling.

While we minimize most of his toys, his books are the one thing he can have a lot of. For educational purposes as well as helping with his speech delay. It’s important to us that our child be read to daily. Having lots of books to choose from makes the daily reading more interesting for us.

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Looking for sturdy board books

Lucas is not gentle with his books. While we try to teach him proper care of books, he is a toddler and there is only so much that can be expected. When looking for books we prefer to get sturdy board books.

Finding good board books is not difficult, however, there are a few things to look for. The books should be made with a thick cardboard. Many board books are made with a very thin cardboard. Trust me those do not stand up to toddlers at all.

Check the binding to make sure it is well glued. Usually the first thing to go on a board book is the binding. Children bend books the wrong way as they are trying to learn to close it properly. Having a strong binding will lengthen the life of a book.

There is not a board book published that will remain in perfect condition while being handled by a toddler. Thicker cardboard and strong binding will at the very least lengthen the life of the book.

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What Should the Best Books for Toddlers Include?

Is it filled with bright colors? A great toddler book should have bright colors throughout. Bright colors help to grab your toddler’s attention.

The book should have objects that can be pointed to so you can tell your toddler what it is. When a book has animals, food, or any other object it encourages your toddler’s curiosity. They want to learn what each object is.

Finally, figure out what you want your child to learn. Do you want your child to learn basic words, animals, numbers, or letters? Or would you prefer your child to learn a lesson of some sort? This is purely up to you and the personality of your child.

Reading to your Toddler

We all know that reading to your toddler helps them in all sorts of ways. Even if you are reading to your toddler often there are a few techniques that I’d like to share with you.

When you finish with the first read through of a book during reading time and your child insists on reading the same book, instead of reading the story wait for them to point to the words or pictures. Then say what they are pointing to. This prevents the repeated read through one directly after another while still letting your toddler feel as though he’s being read to. He should after a while start repeating the words you are saying and making the connection between the picture and the word.

Add sound effects as you see fit. In some books that focus on teaching words or animals try using appropriate sound effects too. They will learn to recognize the picture of the cat, is a cat, and cat says “Meow.” Furthermore, that is the letter b it makes a “ba” sound.

As I’m sure you know you can make the story interesting by adding different voices to the characters. Having fluctuations in your voice and different tones or accents immediately makes the story funny or interesting to your toddler. Then you can identify his reactions so he can begin to understand describing emotions.

The Best Books for Toddlers

Pout Pout Fish

How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - The Pout Pout Fish

Lucas loves this book. I love that it’s easy to read and has a great story to it. It’s an adorable book with fantastic artwork inside.

Pout Pout Fish is all about a fish that frowns. His friends try to convince him to smile but he claims he cannot because of the pouty nature of his mouth. Then a stranger does something that shows the Pout Pout Fish why his lips are the way they are.

Yummy Yucky

How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - Yummy Yucky

My mother in law bought this book for Lucas a few months ago. It has creative artwork and teaches the difference between yummy things and yucky things.

The book goes through different things that are yummy and yucky. Such examples are blueberries are yummy, blue crayons are yucky. This is an important lesson for our babies and toddlers. They learn about food and objects as well as what is acceptable to put in the mouth and what isn’t.

Leslie Patricelli has several books along these same lines.

Colors by Pantone

How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - Pantone Colors

This is a great book for teaching colors to your child. It comes with pictures of animals and objects that relate to the color. This gives you an opportunity to teach noises of the objects and help them sound them out.

Lucas loves reading this book because of the funny noises I make when reading it to him. He also started recognizing the colors so when I ask him for the blue block he knows which block is blue.

First 100 Words

How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - First 100 Words

I love this book. It’s a very sturdy board book that teaches babies and toddlers about daily objects and activities they come in contact with or do.

You can sound out the words. Try using additional sound effects. Lucas loves to point at the pictures and watch us sound them out. This is a big step in learning about the importance of communication in his everyday life.

Touch and Feel Animals

How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - Touch and Feel Animals

The Touch and Feel books are great for your child to learn about texture. It also teaches them the names of animals. Lucas likes that we add sound effects to the book which helped him learn certain sounds.

Toddlers love to feel and taste things. It’s a part of learning about objects. This book encourages that process. Toddlers are little scientists and encouraging that curiosity and behavior teaches valuable lessons they will have their entire life.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

How to Make the Most Out of Reading to Your Toddler - Dada

Rob got this book as a gift when Lucas was first born. I of course battled Rob on the which will come first “Mama” or “Dada.” Dada came first and I swear it’s because Rob would read this book over and over again to Lucas.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada goes through several different animals the names of the babies. It goes through the noises the babies make as well. This is a great book to start recognizing names with noises. Repeating of the word “Dada” will most likely encourage your kid to say Dada before Mama though.

Reading to your kid is extremely important for their communication skills. It improves their communication skills and teaches new words and sounds. Furthermore it encourages a lifelong love of reading.

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