How to Organize Pots and Pans


How to Organize Pots and Pans

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Most of my life I’ve lived in apartments. So I learned early on about maximizing space in a small kitchen. There is one major trick to an organized kitchen that helps you to maximize your space. Find the best ways to organize pots and pans. I’ve already done that and I’m sharing it here.

When looking at your pot and pan cabinet, is it jumbled? Possibly ready to crash down the moment one piece of the puzzle is removed? Or do you end up making loads of noise trying to find a matching pot and lid? I’m giving you a few ways you can fix these issues in this post.

Take a good look at your pot and pan cabinet before reading on. Let’s start organizing pots and pans to give you a more organized space for ease when cooking your next meal.

I never fully realized the importance of cabinet organization until I had my kid. For no other reason than if he’s sleeping I tend to not like loud banging of pots and pans searching for a lid. Don’t get me wrong, we make plenty of noise while he sleeps, but crashing pan lids are not one of those noises.

Learn how I clear the clutter in my home in How to Clear the Clutter in Your Home.

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Install Lid Holders

How to Organize your Pots and Pans - Make your cabinet space more efficient with these tips - Lid Holder

Installing lid holders on the sides of the cabinet, or on the doors. Removing the lids completely from the cabinet by installing them on the wall will open up even more space.

Install a pan rack above your sink or kitchen island

When picking out a pot rack you first, figure out where it’s going to go. For small apartment kitchens, hanging a pot rack above the sink saves space. Measuring that area and also measuring ceiling to where the tallest person in your home hits prevents head injuries when cleaning kitchens.

I narrowed down some search results on Amazon so you can find a pot rack that works well for your home.

How to Organize your Pots and Pans - Hanging pot rack

I personally recommend the one above as it is adjustable for height. The clean look of it, height adjustment, additional hooks and the price is reasonable. In store you could easily pay $45-$55 for a pan rack like this.

The reviews are good as well and many included pictures so you can see how this might look in your own kitchen.

If you prefer to not have your pots and pans hanging out, that’s fine too. I have some options that help you keep noise to a minimum while searching for a pan and also maximizing your cabinet space.

Use in cabinet organizers

As previously mentioned you can use lid organizers inside the doors or installed inside the cabinet walls to keep your lids organized. There are also a few ways to organize your pans too.

How to Organize your Pots and Pans - Make your cabinet space more efficient with these tips - In cabinet pot rack

You can use this stand to organize your pans if you you have plenty of height within your cabinet. This means no more fumbling with each pan to get the size you want. If you don’t have tall cabinets no worries. Flip it on it’s back and you can easily organize your pans in a row still keeping noise to a minimum.

How to Organize your Pots and Pans - Make your cabinet space more efficient with these tips - In cabinet pot holder

Installing your lids on the wall and pans in a row or column just freed up the majority of your cabinet space. This may also allow for you to put your cutting boards and cookie sheets in the same cabinet.

How to Organize Pots and Pans - Make your cabinet space more efficient with these tips - Cookie sheet rack

Using this for your cookie sheets keeps them separated for easy pull out and back but also condenses the amount of space they take while helping to prevent crashing and tipping.

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You can also use this for lids and cutting boards, however for cutting boards I prefer this next item.

Other items to Use to Organize Pots and Pans

How to Organize your Pots and Pans - Make your cabinet space more efficient with these tips - Cutting board holder

This item can be used with the over the cabinet hook, which is great if you are a renter. It can also be installed to the inside of the cabinet for invisibility on the outside of the cabinet.

You can use them for more than just cutting boards too. You can put your foil, parchment paper, saran wrap, Ziploc bags, and plastic grocery bags in them. Install one on each cabinet door and maximize all of that unused space.

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