How to Organize with Ipsy Bags

30 Ways To Organize With Ipsy Bags Featured

How to Organize with Ipsy Bags

30 Ways to Organize Your Stuff with Ipsy Bags - Reuse your Ipsy Bags and get more organized today
Organization Tips to Organize small things throughout your house - Organize your home - 30 Ways to Reuse Ipsy Bags - Use your Ipsy bags to organize your entire life
Save Ipsy Bags and Get Organized - 30 ways you can use Ipsy Bags to organize your life

When we started to minimize and organize everything in our life I knew I would need to be creative. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in getting organized. I would have to use things I already owned to get organized. This is when I figured out how to organize with Ipsy bags.

I have a confession to make. I am a makeup hoarder. In an effort to get more organized and to minimize I recently went through all of my makeup and threw away all the old products and products I rarely used. It didn’t help my makeup hoarding but at least I wasn’t applying old makeup to my face.

Replenishing my makeup supply would end up being costly and I’d have so much left over that I wouldn’t ever use it all. Let’s face it as a work at home mom I rarely wear makeup and when I do it’s usually minimal.

To solve this makeup hoarding problem I signed up for Ipsy. For those of you who don’t know what Ipsy is it is a subscription service where you get 5 beauty product sample products in a cute little bag delivered monthly via the mail. The service costs $10 a month.

Now I know what you are saying, “Crystal how can that possibly help your hoarding issue.” To be honest it does and doesn’t at the same time.

You see I am getting 5 sample sizes of makeup every month. This works well because they are sample sizes. Once they are used up that’s it. I don’t hold on to products longer than what they are good for because once they are done they get thrown away.

While I’m collecting makeup I’m using it up before it goes bad, instead of throwing away unused product.

Additionally, I get to try more products keep track of which ones are my favorite so that I can purchase full size versions it I’ll be using them in my daily routine.

On top of new makeup I also get new cleansers and can I just say these cleansers are much more luxurious than what you get cheaply at the grocery store.

The best thing is Ipsy stays within your guidelines of the preferences you set. This means if you and your friend both sign up you are both going to get different things in your bags.

So it’s been 4 months since I signed up and I have 4 bags. There are loads of things you can do with these bags. I am giving you at least 30 ways to utilize your Ipsy bags.

Organize your Bathroom

  1. Separate out your makeup based on location it’s used.
  2. Store makeup brushes.
  3. Use as travel bags to store just the essential products.
  4. Put your travel sized products for the shower in a bag.
  5. Store your nail products in the bags
  6. Keep small scissors, nail clippers, or other sharp objects in a bag.
  7. Organize your Purse

  8. Store feminine products in a bag.
  9. Keep all your pens in one bag for easy finding.
  10. Turn a bag into a wallet or clutch.
  11. Store on the go makeup products.
  12. Keep first aid stuff in a bag, or get the ultimate first aid kit here.
  13. Use them as a change purse.
  14. Use them to store license, registration, medical cards, and other important documents you may need to keep handy.
  15. Organize your Desk and Home

  16. Use them to hold paperclips and binder clips.
  17. Use them to hold post it notes.
  18. Keep pens in them to put in a drawer for a clear desktop.
  19. Store earbuds and other small computer accessories.
  20. Use a bag to hold extra flash drives or SD cards.
  21. Store allen wrenches.
  22. Keep tiny screwdrivers in a bag.
  23. Organize your Workplace

  24. Keep extra condiment packets organized in your desk.
  25. Organize small accessories
  26. Keep extra makeup or travel sized containers at your desk organized.
  27. Hide extra feminine products in your desk with the bag.
  28. Keep kids busy

  29. Keep crayons in a bag for easy access.
  30. Store small toys like toy cars in a bag for road trips.
  31. Keep post its and crayons in a bag for coloring on road trips or at restaurants.
  32. Keep travel size medicine to fevers.
  33. Store packets of moist towelettes in them to wipe off hands.
  34. Keep travel size candy or hide emergency snacks.

Ipsy bags are great for organizing all of the small accessories in your life. I’m sure you can find many more ways to utilize your Ipsy bags to get your life more organized. If you haven’t joined Ipsy yet you can use my code here and I’ll get points that can be used to purchase beauty products.

What ways are you using your Ipsy bags? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Also, follow me on Pinterest for more posts like this.

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  1. Hi! I love these ideas! I use ipsy bags to keep my shoulder bag & drawers and some of the kid toys organized. The extras are used as gift bags to fill with samples I won’t try or little treats. I keep one with snacks in it. I think now I’ll even keep my hand cream in it for 2 reasons-one in case it leaks and 2 so that almost everything is contained in bags making it easier to switch them out. I used to just use one bag all the time, but now I have 3 colors to switch out with the seasons. Thanks for writing!

    1. Author

      I’m glad you love the ideas. I’m absolutely in love with Ipsy and the bags are so useful around the house.

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