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November Blog Income Report Featured

Should you Start a Blog - Find out if blogging is right for you plus Income Report for November
How I Made Close To 500 Dollars On A New Blog - Learn if Blogging is right for you
How to Make Money Blogging - November Blog Income Report

It’s been a few months since I last did an income report. In fact I’ve seriously contemplated even doing them. Something about putting my income out there on the internet makes me a bit nervous. I also realize however that if it weren’t for other bloggers income reports I would have never started blogging in the first place.

Yes I love blogging, I love writing, I love giving tips and tricks for other parents. However, realizing I could make money blogging absolutely sealed the deal on me wanting to blog.

The past couple of months have been game changers for my blog. While I did a lot of research and figured out a bit on my own I decided to put some money into my education. I purchased two ebooks one on affiliate income and one on Pinterest.

I also started working on my New Year’s goals. Getting more organized, implementing all of the tips I’ve read in the two books I’ve purchased, and getting social media under control are at the top of the list.

Update 3/19/2018: I am currently making about $2000 a month from this blog. If you want to start a blog, take a look at my post The Low Down Dirty Truths About Starting A Blog. You will need hosting, get it for as little as $4 a month from SiteGround. Learn how to market your blog on Pinterest with Pinteresting Strategies. Finally, get started with affiliate marketing by taking Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing.

Starting a Blog

Before we get into the income report I want to share my blog story with you. I had started blogs before and really enjoyed working on them. However, as life always does I got busy and suddenly the blog was taking a back seat. At this time, both blogs were considered hobbies.

It wasn’t until after giving birth to my son, Lucas, that I started researching blogging for the purpose of making money. We looked into several options. Niche blogging, blogging about blogging, and a few others. Then I found my passion.

What you see here on Mommy is a Wino is exactly my passion. It’s a little bit of everything but revolves around being an organized work at home parent. I love writing about being a parent and finding affordable solutions to all things home and family.

I started writing and before I knew it I had over 100 posts. The writing, marketing, networking, and business ends of blogging are all fun for me. That’s when I decided it was time for me to go full time blogger. No more part time jobs, just blogging as my profession.

Check out my post on How to Start a Blog for an in depth guide to everything it actually takes to start a blog.

Is Blogging Right For You?

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you every person should have a blog. I’m going to tell you that’s just not true. Honestly, if you don’t love it you will not be successful in it.

You must enjoy helping people. To be a successful blogger you need to think like the audience you are targeting. What’s in it for them? What will they get out of reading your post? You need to appeal to them and if you don’t have that in you, blogging may not be right for you.

Do you have a topic that you are passionate about? In order to be successful you should be passionate about whatever topic you decide to write about. If you are not passionate about it it will come through in the writing and everything else that goes with blogging.

Do you enjoy writing? The majority of blogging is writing. Some bloggers have thousands of articles in their archives. If you don’t love writing you are not going to enjoy blogging. Content is king, you can have everything else down pat but if you don’t have content your blog will not succeed.

Finally, are you looking for shortcuts? There are no shortcuts in blogging. You do not steal other peoples content. You do not buy pre-written content. You do not use pre-written content that is free. If you are unwilling to put in the work your blog will fail.

People want real, give them real, if you can’t there are a ton of other options for online income out there.


Alright now that all that is out of the way it’s time to take a look at my traffic stats for November. As this is my first monthly income report you should see what I’ve got as far as traffic.

Now, November was a big month for me as I started implementing new Pinterest strategies. I’ve been seeing steady growth throughout the entire month.

After a traffic low in October due to a marketing issue in late September and early October, I was excited to see my numbers in November beat the numbers I had in August. The rise has been continuous even into the first week of December too.

I had 36,564 pageviews in November. That’s about a 12,000 page view increase from October. The new strategies that I’ve started implementing are working fast and I can’t wait to sit down and see how traffic will start to look after I get a few more implemented.

Check out my blog post New Blog Income Report for a look at my first income report ever.

Income Report

Alright so let’s take a look at income. This has not been the focus of this blog this month. While I doubled what I did in October alone I was more concerned with building traffic.

Additionally, I am also more concerned at this point in time with content that my readers will love and enjoy. These things should always come first with your blog.

I monetize two ways. The first is I use Mediavine for my ads. The second is I use affiliates. I haven’t decided if I will monetize in any other ways in the future so we will just wait and see.

Time for the breakdown.

  • Ads: $447.02
  • Affiliate: $22.52
  • Total: $469.54

This doesn’t seem like much compared to some bloggers, but one of the first things I learned in blogging is you must not compare yourself to other bloggers.

I am not in the same place as other bloggers. The content is not the same. Nor is the marketing. I am not using all the same tools nor keeping the same schedule. Additionally, I am not monetized the same as other bloggers. I am also not getting the same traffic as other bloggers.

It doesn’t mean I won’t at some point. It simply means that comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle is silly.

I’m proud of this number. It was the first time I made a significant amount of income from something I really love doing.

See how I double my income in December 2017 here.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start a blog and want a realistic view on how long it takes to make money from it my income reports will show you this. I started this blog in May and over the course of 8 months I have made over $1,000 blogging.

Blogging is not get rich quick. The big income bloggers have been doing this for years. They’ve tested and changed up their marketing plans with the times. Additionally, a lot of these bloggers make income off selling their secrets to success.

It takes time, patience, testing, and a lot of passion to make blogging successful. Here I am after serious trials in how I was marketing getting a full understanding of what it takes to be successful.

What the Future Holds

As I plan for a move across state lines for the middle of December the only thing I will be focusing on is content. Writing new content for this blog and planning out content for the future. The move will have me terribly busy for the first half of the month.

When the second half of the month starts I will officially be a full time blogger. This means I will be working on new marketing plans, habit trackers, content, studying up on SEO a bit more, and putting a lot more effort into my posts.

Blogging isn’t difficult when you love doing it. Treat your blog like a business, set up systems, and keep working at it and you will see success. Especially in the beginning you will need to treat your blog as a full time job with overtime.

In the future you can expect an income report from me. I’d like to be a motivator to beginner bloggers. This way you can see what it actually takes and how long it takes to start making certain amounts of income from your blog.

Income Reports

Do you have a blogging success story? What have you done that you find worked well for you? Leave a comment below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite blog tips boards.

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