New Blog Income Report – How I made $350

New Blog Income Report Featured

New Blog Income Report – How I made $350

Work From Home and Make Money With a New Blog - Starting a Blog to Make Money
New Blog Income Report - How I made over 350 with a new blog - Blogging for Beginners
How I Made 350 on a Brand New Blog - Starting a Blog to Make Money

I’m so excited to share the first ever income report of Mommy is a Wino. If you want to see how I make money blogging these reports will help. I’ve contemplated putting the income of this blog up and out there. I decided to do it because in the blogging business incomes can vary from niche to niche. Income reports helped me in choosing exactly how I wanted to monetize my blog.

I plan on going a step further with my income reports than most do. I want to share what works and doesn’t, what I learned, and what I hope to test the following month. My goal is to make my income reports as informative as possible to show you how you also can make money blogging.

A note before we continue. In order to make money blogging it takes a lot of work. You need to have plans in place and you need to treat it like a business. Also, never ever compare your blogs money making potential to someone else’s. Remember, it may take you longer than someone else and that’s ok. Set your own goals, not goals based on someone else’s success.

Update 3/19/2018: I am currently making $2000 a month from my blog. Follow along to see how I did it in the income reports at the bottom of this post. If you want to start a blog, take a look at my post The Low Down Dirty Truths About Starting A Blog. You will need hosting, get it for as little as $4 a month from SiteGround. Learn how to market your blog on Pinterest with Pinteresting Strategies. Finally, get started with affiliate marketing by taking Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing.

How I Got Started Blogging

Before I go into this month I want to share with you everything that led to me starting my own blog.

In 2014, I was pregnant with my son. I had an awesome office job and benefits, until I told them I was pregnant. A week after I informed my boss of my pregnancy and after I arrived at home I received an email saying they let me go. Anger is not a strong enough word for what I felt in that moment.

Just inside my 2nd trimester and hunting for a job was difficult. Obviously, once I started showing, it became practically impossible to find a job.

During this time Rob and I started looking for business ideas. We were reading every article known to man on running some sort of online business. We studied everything we could on passive income.

After Lucas was born I went on the job hunt again. Three weeks after he was born I found a job as a waitress. I worked as much as I could sometimes 50-60 hour weeks.

My husband started a t-shirt store through RedBubble and was earning some decent money through it. This is when I started looking for ways to build my own passive income.

The Etsy Shop

I started my Etsy shop in February 2016 when my son was just one year old. Originally, I was painting and selling paintings. I learned very quickly just how hard that is and not passive in the slightest.

I started designing printable art and yes the early stuff was complete crap. However, I kept designing and gradually got better with my designs. By early 2017 I decided to expand into prints. Then in the summer of 2017 I expanded again into coffee mugs.

I also learned how to promote my business on Etsy and had my very first viral product. With that viral product came a lot of orders.

Today, I make a couple hundred extra dollars every month through my Etsy store. Due to having an Etsy approved manufacturer who drop ships my products, it’s all passive.

Learn more about making a passive income on Etsy here.

If you are interested in starting an Etsy shop read my post on how to do that here.

The Click that Pushed Me to Start This Blog

When I had my very first viral pin from the Etsy shop it suddenly clicked in my head that I could apply the same strategies to a blog, which is what I really wanted to start.

You see over the years I had struggled with starting a couple of blogs. I couldn’t seem to get the hang of getting traffic to them. So while I worked on my Etsy shop I was planning my next blog. That planning included studying everything I could about blogging.

I suddenly knew how to market it to get loads of traffic to it with ease. That was the final push I needed to start this blog.

Starting the Blog

With a name and design already picked out all we had to do was set up hosting and start writing.

Get hosting for $4 a month from SiteGround.

I knew that the best way to get loads of traffic in the beginning was to spend the majority of my time writing content. So in February of 2017 I registered my domain and started writing.

I was working like crazy, writing everything I could and kicking out article after article. In March, I did a bit of pinning while I continued to focus on writing content.

By April, I started searching for group boards to join on Pinterest in my blogs niches while continuing my focus on content.

In May I quit my job for a few different reasons. While I wanted to wait to leave the job until we were financially stable, due to personal reasons I left sooner than anticipated. Luckily, I landed a couple of side gigs that really helped me to work out my own schedule. Those side gigs also allowed me to go full time on this blog.

In June my traffic exploded and continued to increase in July and August. Though a week long break from Pinterest at the end of July due to burnout and much needed birthday relaxation slowed the growth of my blog temporarily.

I am ok with the temporary slow growth this month. I needed that break after working day in and day out on my blog. Sometimes it’s ok to take a short break.

New Blog Income Report - How I made 350 on a brand new blog

What I did in August


August was an off month for me. I’ve kept monthly views at about 2.7 million on Pinterest despite spending two weeks at the beginning of the month only pinning my content once to my group boards.

I spent a lot of time focused on creating additional pinterest images for some of my more popular posts. Additionally, I started working on following more people. However, due to some algorithm and notification changes in Pinterest I’m looking at other ways to find new followers.

Switching from Adsense to Mediavine

As soon as I had my session numbers to a point where I could apply for Mediavine I did. I knew through my research that in my niche Mediavine would be the most profitable ad program to go through.

I applied at the beginning of August and on August 15th took down all of my google Adsense ads and went live with Mediavine. By the end of the month I surpassed what I made on Adsense in 3 months.

The Traffic and Income Breakdown

June Traffic and Income

Sessions: 18,520

Pageviews: 23,559

For some perspective the previous month had 1500 sessions and 1800 pageviews. As you can see in June my traffic went up quite a bit. Let’s take a look at the income.

Adsense: $35.90

Amazon: $2.53

Affiliate (Other not Specified): $1.85

Dreamhost: $47.00

Grand Total for June 2017: $87.28

July Traffic and Income

Sessions: 26,063

Pageviews: 32,090

While the rate of growth slowed quite a bit due to a complete break from Pinterest, I still saw growth. I could apply for the better ad program by the end of the month and beginning of August. Let’s look at the income in July.

Adsense: $36.92

Amazon: $27.55

Affiliate (Other not Specified): $0.62

Grand Total for July 2017: $65.09

I had a bit of a dip in income and I have a couple of theories on why that happened. The first theory is that I was focusing more on content that didn’t include a lot of affiliate links. The second theory is due to my break in promotion on Pinterest.

August Traffic and Income

Sessions: 26,675

Pageviews: 33,475

Adsense: $25.44

Mediavine: $120.38

Amazon: $30.91

Dreamhost: $30.00

Affiliate (Other not Specified): $0.32

Grand Total for August 2017: $207.05

August traffic was similar to July’s traffic. However, I made more money. This is due to my switch to Mediavine.

My total income for 3 months of monetizing my blog is $359.42.

What I’m Doing Next Month

The majority of Pinterest information out there was written before the changes to the way notifications are handled. This means I have absolutely no way to research how to build my followers as new followers do not show up in notifications the way they used to.

So for the entirety of the month I need to find a new way to gain followers. I think it’s going to take some work and testing.

The first step is already in testing. All of my posts get a special code smack dab in the middle of the post to direct people to follow me on Pinterest. If I am reaching 2.7 million people each month on Pinterest I may be able to get those people to follow me when they read my posts.

Other things I’m going to try are commenting on pins and trying pins. Those show up in the notifications on their own. This means you are seen more. I am hopeful that will lead to more followers as well.

I’m also adding in commenting on blog posts as a strategy to get people to my blog. I have several blogs I follow and read from often. Others have found some pretty big success doing this, so we will see how well it works.

Another thing I hope to do is get back on Instagram. I took a bit of a break as I didn’t always have pictures to share. This month I’m making more of an effort in my Instagram strategy.

I am going to try some other lesser known ways to promote my blog but I’m not implementing any type of strategy until I see something from it.

Income Reports

Final Notes

I’ve never said blogging is get rich quick. To be completely honest, I don’t know if you can get rich blogging. I’m sceptical. However, I do see that some money can be made. Plus, blogging is a complete passion of mine.

While I take the blog seriously as a business and I put the effort into it that you would put into any business I honestly love doing this. I love coming up with content and writing. Overall, I love figuring this whole blogging thing out.

Follow me on Pinterest for awesome blogging pins from myself and others. Pin this to your own blogging boards and be sure to visit some of my other posts below.

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