How to Start & Use a Bullet Journal – Plus Examples to Get You Started

How To Start A Bullet Journal With Examples Featured

How to Start & Use a Bullet Journal – Plus Examples to Get You Started

How To Start and Use a Bullet Journal - Bullet Journal Ideas and Bullet Journal Spreads
17 Beautiful Spreads To Use In Your Bullet Journal - Bullet Journal Layouts
The Complete Guide To Bullet Journaling - Bullet Journal Ideas and Bullet Journal Spreads

Bullet Journaling is a fantastic and fluid way to keep your life organized. It’s a planner, journal, to do list, and so much more. A bullet journal keeps everything in one place and allows for massive amounts of customization.

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What can I use a Bullet Journal for?

Bullet Journals are great to use for everything from a planner to a bucket list. Furthermore, you can customize your journal for what you need. It takes effort to set up but allows for easy recording of only the things that are important to you.

You can create a savings guide, habit tracker, upcoming movie list, budget, planner, meal planning, to do list, health trackers and anything else you want to record or stay accountable too.

What do I need to set one up?

A notebook, a ruler, and a pen. That’s all that is necessary. You can get fancy bookmarks, you can use colored pens, some papers allow for watercolor. You can make it as fancy, pretty, or plain as you would like.

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These are the products that I use for my own bullet journal journey.

How do I set one up?

You can set up your bullet journal any way you like. However, I would caution that you create an outline first. Planning out your bullet journal keeps it clean.

The first two pages should be left for your key and your index. This will help you to keep track of where in the bullet journal everything is and what shapes stand for what.

Number every page in your notebook so you can easily record the information in the index.

Setting up your Bullet Journal

After you set up the key and the index, you want to add your additional trackers that are not the planner portion of your bullet journal. The planner portion of your journal should not be completed far in advance as you may need additional space.

Before you do anything more though, decide what types of lists and trackers you want in your bullet journal.

Take a look below at some inspiration to get you started.

Check out 14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Perfect.

The Gratitude Tracker

Create a Bullet Journal

The Meal Planner

Create a Bullet Journal

The Pet Tracker

Create a Bullet Journal

The Habit Tracker

Create a Bullet Journal

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The Savings Tracker

Create a Bullet Journal

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The Book Tracker

Create a Bullet Journal

The Brain Dump

Create a Bullet Journal

The Cleaning Calendar

Create a Bullet Journal

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When Did I Last Tracker

The Running Tracker

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Weight Loss Tracker

Daily Layouts:

Create a Bullet Journal

Last week's spread in my bujo is teaching me that my water intake is shit. 😝

A post shared by @writingbravely on

Check out my post 19 Beautiful Weekly Spreads for Bullet Journals.

I included positive phrases in my daily spreads to help keep a positive attitude daily. Find out more on how we strive to be positive daily.

Monthly Spreads

Check out my post 15 Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads.

I personally use mine to keep me on track with a lot of things. It helped a lot when I was trying to find more Work/Life Balance as a full time working mom. As I transitioned from a working mom into a work at home mom though I got away from using mine for about a month. Now I’m using it more and it’s really helping to keep my work flow in check so I’m not sitting at my computer all day.

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You now know how to set up a bullet journal and you have lots of inspiration to pull from to create your own. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this for reference when you create your own. Happy Journaling!

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