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Motherhood Encouragement for Making Mom Friends - Make Mom Friends As An Introvert - Things You Can Do Now To Make Mom Friends
Motherhood Encouragement for Making Mom Friends - Make Mom Friends As An Introvert - How To Make Mom Friends When You Feel Paralyzed By Social Anxiety
Stay at Home Moms Need Friendships - Making Mom Friends As A Stay At Home Mom or Introverted Mom - How To Make Mom Friends For Introverted Moms

I don’t know about you all but I have a hard time making mom friends because I am an introvert. On top of that being a work at home mom or a stay at home mom makes finding friends even more difficult. Well as an introverted mom I want to give you tips on how to make mom friends.

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Alright back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

How To Make Mom Friends

Finding mom friends can be extremely difficult especially because we have put ourselves into our own small little groups. You have the breastfeeding moms, formula moms, working moms, stay at home moms, crunchy moms, organic moms, positive parenting moms, old school moms, and wino moms. There is one thing we all have in common though. We are all moms.

Finding Common Ground

If you are an all organic make everything in your kitchen mom and she is a make everything in the microwave or pick up fast food mom there is one thing you both have in common. You are feeding your children.

The no screen time mom vs the screen time mom. Both of you are finding ways to entertain your children so you can take a shower.

The cloth diaper vs disposable. You both will deal with explosive poop at least once in your life.

The point here is that no matter where you fall as a mom, we can all find something in common with one another at any point in time. Embracing the common points of our motherhood is the key to finding and making mom friends.

Start Conversations

A good place to start is the grocery store. Take your kids with you and look for other moms who have their kids in tow too. See if there is some way to strike up a conversation. Cute outfit, food their kid likes, anything you might be slightly interested in knowing more about.

You will probably not make mom friends in the grocery store but this makes for good practice for talking to moms. Chances are you may not ever see that mom again. However, if you do she might remember the short conversation and you might make a friend after all.

The key at first is to get use to talking to other moms and opening up conversations. Then when you are at parks, school functions, birthday parties, museums, or mommy and me classes you are practiced at opening up a conversation.

Starting the conversation is the hardest part so get used to it and start those conversations.

Get In Local Facebook Groups

I mentioned a Facebook group at the beginning of this post. There are probably a few facebook groups for mom meetups in your local area too. Moms are always seeking adult connections because we spend so much time with our kids.

If you live in a more populated area you may even find you can narrow down your facebook group search to things like “Pittsburgh Homeschool Moms” or “Chicago Suburbs Crunchy Moms.” These types of searches could produce larger results and give you more chances to find moms like you.

As always be careful. Meet in public places only and always make sure you have someone else with you like your husband, mother, or friend. See if the group does an adult only meet up once a month so new members can meet people without their kids to ease nerves. Make sure you always inform someone of where you are going and what time you should be returning.

Go Where Moms Hang Out

If you are anything like me you may be an introvert. That is totally acceptable but you are going to need to step out of your comfort zone if you want to meet other moms. You may even meet another introvert.

Check out your local libraries and museums for upcoming child friendly events. If there is nothing there of interest try going to a local park for the day. Put that sunscreen on your child, pack snacks and sandwiches, and spend the day running around the swing set and playground with your kid.

Parks are a great place to meet other moms and start conversations. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Make sure you remember their face and name because you will probably see them again in the future.

There Are Other Moms Like You

While we are all unique in the way we raise our very unique children there are other moms like you. There are other moms who use similar techniques or have similar goals in raising children.

More than that though. There are other moms who have hobbies outside of being a mom. While our entire day often feels like it’s solely based on the whims of our children we all still have things we enjoy.

What’s more is, often times you will find women who enjoy the same hobbies often share the similarities in other aspects of life. So the next step is join local groups that involve your specific hobby.

This could be sporting events, workout classes, crocheting, or even gaming groups. Anything that you enjoy doing as a hobby most likely has a group that you can meet up with and make friends.

Why It’s Important To Make Mom Friends

I know right now my introverts are glaring at their phones or computer screens while reading this. I am not a fan of talking to complete strangers or putting myself out there either. However, making mom friends is important.

According to several studies in 2011 and 2016, having friends makes life tolerable, happier, and helps us to live longer. Having people who understand what you are going through as a mom is extremely important. Friends can help you come up with new ways to handle a behavioral problem or simply give you a fun night away from the kids.

If you recently moved from your hometown and away from your friends it is important to make friends locally to you. Friends who are local can be extremely helpful in times of need. Additionally, if they need help and you assist them you feel better too.

Mom friends help you to navigate motherhood. They join you in your wins and soothe the losses. They laugh with you about the random things and provide that break in everyday life. Having great mom friends is the ultimate way to handle self care and boost your mental health.

How To Make Friends Online

Finding online friends is fairly easy. You can join Facebook groups, Google+ groups, or Reddit threads to meet people you have a common interests with. By joining mom groups, hobby groups, or craft groups you can meet really interesting people and start long lasting friendships with them.

Do online friends still count as actual friends? Yes, online friends can provide the same benefits as an in real life friend but also go above that as stated in this article. While it is so much different than real life friends, online friends can still provide some of the same benefits of friendship that real life friends can.

A major pro to the online friend world is the lack of filter. You will always feel like you can speak more freely online than in real life. Mainly because you never see that initial facial expression if you say something unfiltered.

The biggest con to online friends is the lack of human to human interaction. There is always a medium in the way blocking some of the physical benefits of friendship. You can sit on a video call and drink wine together but that’s the extent of your get together. It’s still important to have local in person friends.

It Takes Time

Finding mom friends takes time. Creating a tribe of moms who all get along takes even longer. You will need to put yourself out there and become a master at starting up conversations. With enough practice you will be able to make new friends quickly and easily.

Remember to join our drama free mom group, Moms Collab, on Facebook. Join other local facebook mom meet up groups, and start going to local kid friendly events in your area.

What’s your favorite way to meet other moms? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your parenting boards.

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