Get the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Get The Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom With These Tips Featured

Get The Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom With These Tips - Tips to creating a beautiful farmhouse bedroom
15 Items You Need For A Modern Farmhouse Bedroom - Farmhouse Master Bedroom that is relaxing - Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Create a Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom With These Tips - Tips to creating a beautiful farmhouse bedroom
15 Must Have Items To Create The Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Tips to creating a beautiful farmhouse bedroom
Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas - Modern Farmhouse Bedroom - Farmhouse Guest Room - How To Recreate This Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom

Creating the perfect farmhouse bedroom decor can be a bit of a task. Go overboard and the room no longer has a laid back slow paced vibe. Don’t do enough and the room feels cold and empty.

Farmhouse style is a balancing act of adding just enough softness to an industrial feel. Often times just mixing certain fabrics with industrial style furniture will give you that perfect farmhouse look.

Adding soft defining features in pillows, rugs, or curtains can completely change the feel of a otherwise industrial decor.

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Today I’m going to give you some options to creating your own perfect farmhouse bedroom. The room I have pictured below is a popular look when it comes to farmhouse bedrooms. We will be creating a similar look in our own bedrooms.

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Tips to creating a beautiful farmhouse bedroom

This room is well decorated and has all the best farmhouse features without overdoing it and ending up with a country look instead. For those that don’t know Country features a lot more stuff usually and bright patterns. Farmhouse is more rustic and a lot less busy.

The Bed in our Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

So the main focal point of this room is the bed. Everything surrounding it are accents. We are going to mimic this same approach.

Metal Bed Frame, Queen Size – Bronze

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Bed Frame

This bed frame is a perfect look for farmhouse. It’s metal, not flashy, yet stands out in our bedroom. When picking a bed for your own room think about the style you want to go with.

You can have a weathered wood look on your bed and have it work just as great in a farmhouse bedroom. A weathered wood look has a softer appeal than the metal. However, it’s still going to appear hard after adding all of your fabrics.

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Bedding in our Farmhouse Bedroom

I prefer the bedding to be white in a farmhouse bedroom. White and plain bedding allows for more subtle farmhouse accents in nightstands, furniture, rugs, and accent pillows. White also allows for a softer look.

If you go for a plaid pattern or flour sack pattern for all your bedding you will want to make sure you use white and plain patterns everywhere else in your room. This way you don’t end up with a busy look.

Bed Ruffle Skirt

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Bed Ruffle

All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Down Comforter

Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Duvet Cover Set

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Sheet Set

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Pillows in our Farmhouse Bedroom

For your pillows stick to mostly white and plain then add one accent pillow with a quote or design. This focuses the attention to that one point on the bed.

If you are going with a patterned bedding you will especially want to follow this guideline. If you add a bunch of patterned throw pillows you may end up with cluttered busy look which you want to avoid.

I have two fantastic focal pillows below that both add that soft farmhouse touch to your bedding and focuses the attention.

Flour Sack Style Our Nest Pillow

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Our Nest Decorative Pillow

Flour Sack Style You and Me and the Dog Throw Pillow

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - You and Me and the Dog Decorative Pillow

The Lighting in our Farmhouse Bedroom

You will want to mix in your bed frame and possibly other accents in the bedroom as well in your lighting. If you went with a weathered wood frame on your bed find a wood chandelier to go above your bed. You can check out all the best rated wood chandeliers here.

For a metal chandelier that will accent the rest of our room you can take a look at my choice below.

Vintage Chandelier Lighting

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Vintage Chandelier

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For the table lamps on our nightstands you have two options based on which way you went with your bedding. If you went with a patterned flour sack look go with a white based lamp. If you went with all white throw in a splash of color with these teal based lamps below.

Table Lamp-Teal

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Table Lamp

Furniture in our Farmhouse Bedroom

If you went with a patterned bedding set try a weathered wood or off white set to match and keep the attention on that focal pillow on the bed.

Additionally, if you went with a weathered wood look on your bed frame try to find the same weathered wood look for your nightstands as well.

Again, to match the bedding and keep the attention on our focal point on the bed I went with these 2 drawer night stands in white.

White 2-Drawer Night Stand

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - 2 Drawer Night Stand

This trunk at the end of the bed is a great way to store extra blankets. You can also use it to hold your throw pillows when you are sleeping. Additionally, it makes a great place to hold winter or summer clothing so you have more room in your closet depending on the season.

Wicker Storage Trunk Serene Grey

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Wicker Storage Trunk

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Window Treatments in our Farmhouse Bedroom

Your window treatments should be white no matter what your did with your bedding. Matching a patterned bedding set will make the room feel busy. White will disappear making the room appear larger and not taking away from our focal points.

Use a dark metal curtain rod no matter what type of bed frame or chandelier you went with. Most of the the curtain rod will be hidden by your curtains. The rods will had height to your room giving you the feeling that the room is larger than it actually is.

2 Piece Sheer Window Curtain Grommet Panels

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Sheer Curtains

Window Curtain Rod

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Curtain Rods

Final Accent Pieces in our Farmhouse Bedroom

Adding a weathered wood window frame above our bed and a seasonal wreath is a great final touch to our farmhouse bedroom. It adds softness and keeps the decor fresh with just a slight change throughout the seasons. The wreath also adds a soft addition of color.

Weathered Wood Window Frame

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Weathered Wood Window Frame

Finally you will add a run for under your bed. Be sure to measure your room and bed before you pick your rug size. The rug I have picked below comes in a couple of sizes.

You want your rug to be neutral colored. A light colored rug will make the room appear larger. This is especially true if you have dark wood floors. Which if you are doing a whole room makeover would look fantastic in a room of white or light colored patterns.

Tassel Cotton Solid Elke Rug

Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Rug

Final Thoughts on our Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

There are several things you can DIY in your farmhouse bedroom. Adding moulding around the room and above your windows will go a long way to completing that farmhouse charm you want. Donna from Funky Junk Interiors has a fantastic DIY to create farmhouse trim right here.

Add some small accents to your room to finish everything. Maybe a picture, a plant, or a small white knick knack. Be careful to only add a few, you don’t want to clutter your nightstands or dresser with lots of little things. Just a few items will be enough.

As a recap check out the product guide below with links to all the products featured above.

Get The Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom - Product Guide

1. Bed Frame   2. Bed Skirt   3. Down Comforter   4. Sheets   5. 3 piece Duvet Set   6. You and Me and the Dog Throw Pillow   7. Our Nest Throw Pillow   8. Chandelier   9. Wicker Trunk   10. Two Drawer Night Stand   11. Table Lamps   12. Curtain Rod   13. Sheer Curtains   14. Rug   15. Weathered Window Frame

What do you think about this farmhouse bedroom decor? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and be sure to pin this to your favorite home decor boards.

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