Funny T-shirts for Dad on Father’s Day

Funny T-Shirts For Dad Featured

Father’s Day is fast approaching, this means trying to find the dad’s in your life the perfect gift. There is no better gift than a funny t-shirt. I’ve put together a list of the most popular t-shirts for dad right here.

More Cowbell

This is a great shirt for the Gen X Dad’s. Christopher Walken’s famous Saturday Night Live sketch is the inspiration behind this shirt. It’ll make a great addition to any funny t-shirt collection.

I’m Batman

For the batdad in every father. The dad in your life will proudly wear this t-shirt everywhere. He will puff out his chest and speak in a low voice, why? Because he’s batman.


If the dad in your life watches Big Bang Theory this is an excellent t-shirt choice. Now instead of saying “Bazinga!” He can just point to the shirt.

Vader and Stormtrooper Cyclist

Give your dad the t-shirt of the dark side. If your dad is a cyclist and a Star Wars fan this shirt is the best shirt you can give him.

Genius Periodic Table

Does your dad spout off random scientific facts? Give him this shirt for father’s day.

The Shirt for the Dad Joker

Perfect for the dad’s who enjoy telling dad jokes, are sarcastic, or have a dry sense of humor like my own dad. Show a little bit of appreciation for your dad’s sense of humor by giving him this shirt.

The Bacon Tee

What dad doesn’t love bacon? This is a no-fail gift for any dad.

Old School Gamer

If he remembers the days of blowing into cartridges to play video games, this shirt is the one.

Pluto, Never Forget

Yea I remember the days when Pluto was still classified as a planet. The dad in your life would proudly wear a shirt most of the younger generations won’t understand. Then he can educate them.

Eat, Sleep, Game

Gamer dad’s understand. If he’s a PC Gamer though, this may not be the right choice in gaming shirts. The different categories of gamers can get pretty intense so just trust me on this one.

Gen X Never Forget

While the days of floppy disks, VHS, and cassette tapes may be long gone, they will not be forgotten. At least not by the Gen X dad’s. These items are our generation’s walking through snow barefoot story.


Star Wars dads everywhere will love this shirt. What initially looks like elephants traveling soon makes way for an AT-AT that will bring laughter from all other Star Wars fans. The dad in your life will proudly announce who got him the shirt. You will be a hero and praised for your witty t-shirt choice. Ok you won’t be a hero, but your dad will still be excited.

The Glass is Full

A must have shirt for the sarcastic dad.

Zero Days without Sarcasm

Help warn others that may come into your dad’s path and hope he doesn’t try to have a serious conversation while wearing it.

Now that you have a good idea of what shirt to get dad for Father’s Day, you can enjoy knowing your shopping is complete and start planning that BBQ. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your product boards. Share it with friends who are struggling to find the perfect gift for dad on Father’s day.

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