The Efficient Cleaning Schedule that Works

The Efficient Cleaning Schedule That Works Featured

The Fast and Efficient Way to Clean Your House - The best cleaning schedule that saves time and works great
Stop Wasting Time This Cleaning Schedule Works - Cleaning schedule for working moms, stay at home moms, and work at home moms
Easy Cleaning Schedule for Busy People - Daily Cleaning Schedule with Monthly Deep Cleaning - Try This Easy Cleaning Schedule To Keep Your House Clean
Daily and Weekly Cleaning Schedule for Busy People - Easy Cleaning Schedule For Your Home and Busy Life - Find Out The Best Cleaning Schedule And Get Your Free Copy Too

As a work at home mom it can be difficult keeping a clean house. There are times when you get so wrapped up in your work that you have blinders on to the mess that is accumulating in your home. This is where a cleaning schedule comes in handy.

Now to be honest there are plenty of times when my house looks like a tornado has gone through it. Dishes pile up in the sink, papers everywhere, and my toddler’s toys scattered throughout the house.

Luckily for you I’ve figured out a cleaning schedule that even if you take a day or two off it’s ok. You don’t need to catch up. This schedule is about touching every single room in the house to keep it clean daily.

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    Cleaning Schedule For Home

    Every home needs a cleaning schedule for the whole family to follow. Cleaning goes a lot faster if the whole house gets involved and cleans everything up. Let’s dive into our efficient cleaning schedule.

    First, let’s look at the tasks in each room. You can subtract or add items to each of these rooms based on the layout of your house or your own cleaning preferences.


    Take the dirty clothes out of the room and put them into a hamper directly after the shower. Put away makeup, hair products, toothbrushes, deodorant, and any other products you use daily.

    By keeping it tidy daily it makes it easier to clean it on cleaning day. If you notice a spot on the mirror wipe it off with your hand towel. Wipe out the sink and the counter after you are done using them.


    When you wake up in the morning shake out your sheets and blankets and fluff your pillows while making your bed. Gather all dirty clothes in a hamper.

    Take any glasses or cups to the kitchen to be washed.

    The Efficient Cleaning Schedule That Works

    Living Room

    Do 5 minute bursts of cleaning up toys. It helps to have a bin, trunk, or baskets to put toys in. Absolutely have your kids do this, bribe them if necessary with a small treat. Short time limits mean it will be done quickly. If not they lose use of a toy for a day, week, or two depending on age.

    While kids clean up toys you fold blankets, fluff cushions, organize remotes on the coffee table and gather any glasses or dirty dishes.


    Load and run the dishwasher every night before bed. Unload it first thing in the morning. After every meal load the dishes into the dishwasher.

    At the end of the night take your sponge and wipe down counters and cabinet fronts. Rinse and squeeze out. Put in microwave for 10-15 seconds to disinfect. Once able to touch wipe out the microwave then clean off stove top pushing everything to the floor.

    Do a quick sweep of the floor under the cabinets, stove, and fridge.

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    Weekly Tasks Cleaning Schedule

    Now that we have a basic cleaning schedule let’s talk about deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is the dusting, the windows, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning walls, and laundry. I find that if I have designated days to do each task it keeps the house looking cleaner longer. Additionally, I never feel as though the task at hand is overwhelming.

    Weekends are solely for cooking and keeping the kitchen clean. Don’t worry about doing any additional tasks on the weekends. I’m sure your weekends are busy enough with events and keeping the kids busy.

    Let’s talk about my schedule. As a work at home mom you would think that I have an immaculate house and everything under control. That’s not the case by any means. However, if I miss a day on this schedule even if I have to catch it up it’s never that big of a deal.

    Everyday I cook and clean the kitchen. I absolutely hate a disorganized and messy kitchen so I cook and clean according to my ridiculously high clean kitchen standards.

    The Efficient Cleaning Schedule That Works


    Monday is windows and walls day. I clean little handprints and nose prints off windows. Wipe down the front of the stove, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. I clean the bathroom mirrors and any other mirror in the house.

    Additionally, I walk around with my magic eraser or my hot soapy rag and clean the trim near doorways. I also clean up any spots off the walls where a drink may have splashed or somehow food ended up.

    After that I dust the furniture. Wipe everything down with a rag and once monthly use a furniture polish. Don’t forget light fixtures, ceiling fans, TVs, and blinds.


    Tuesday is floor day. I vacuum the entire house and wash all tile floors on Tuesday. Washing the floors can be done two ways. Either a quick rag wipe down if it’s a busy week, or a genuine scrub at least once monthly.

    While you are on the floor go ahead and give the baseboards a quick swipe with the hose or a wipe with the rag. Trust me doing this on a weekly or every other weekly schedule goes a long way to keeping them clean and your house being fresh.


    Wednesday is grocery shopping day. I know what you’re thinking. Can grocery shopping be considered cleaning? Absolutely. The first thing you do is clean out your fridge. Wipe out the shelves, drawers and empty out any food that may have gone bad.

    Check and clean your pantry too. Clean out any old food and clean the shelves of the pantry area.

    Once that’s done you can efficiently plan out your weekly meal plan. Having a fresh mental note of the food you do have will help you to plan out food for the following week. Go grocery shopping and put everything away.


    Laundry day. The best day of the week for me because it means sitting and folding clothes in front of the TV and getting in some Netflix time. Start it first thing in the morning so that it’s completed by dinner.

    Start first with bed sheets and pillow cases. Monthly make sure you are washing your duvet covers or comforters.

    Then move on to whites, brights, and dark clothing items. Fold and hang up as soon as you get them out of the dryer. This prevents wrinkles from forming making sure you don’t need to iron anything.


    Bathroom and Floors day. Before you take a shower spray down your tub, surrounds, and faucets. Let it sit while you do any pre shower rituals. Turn on the shower and take a rag in with you to wipe down the walls and tub. Then shower as normal.

    After flushing the toilet sprinkle some baking soda into the bowl on the rim and on the seat. Let the baking soda sit while you do another task. After about 10 minutes go ahead and scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet bowl brush. Do a wipe down with a hot rag in this order, tank, seat, rim.

    Finally, your sink. After brushing your teeth either spray down your sink and counter with cleaner. Spray the mirror with windex and wipe off then wipe down the counter top and sink.

    Additionally, because I have a toddler and cats I do another quick vacuum of the carpets and a wipe of the floor. Doing the additional floor day goes a long way to only needing to do massive scrubbing once monthly. It also means our house really does stay cleaner longer.

    The Efficient Cleaning Schedule That Works

    House Cleaning Schedule

    As a work at home parent it is ok if you don’t clean one day. The whole purpose of this type of home cleaning schedule is to make it work for you.

    If you skip a day, don’t try to catch up the next day just wait till the next week to do it. If you are on top of the quick clean ups daily a section of your house can go a week without the deep cleaning.

    Cleaning is a chore so touch each room and get into the habit of doing the minor cleaning daily. Then work in the bigger cleaning chores according to a schedule that will work well for you.

    Customize your schedule by switching up the days according to your needs and your schedule. I promise you will spend no more than 45 minutes doing the minor clean and the deep clean project of the day.

    Or you can grab my house cleaning schedule that I have available for FREE to subscribers. Sign up below to grab your copy today.

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    This cleaning schedule helps you save time and keep your house clean, even if you need to skip a day.

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      What do you think? Will this schedule work for you? Leave a comment below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite cleaning boards.

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      1. Hello Could you please advise me. I love love the chart you have aided me with but im one of those people who like actually like washing my carpets washing window ledges outside putting carpet cleaner powder on to work while cleaning. Defrosting freezer and washing freezer and fridge thoroughly.

        My question is. As i would love to try stick to your schedule could you please suggest when would you personally slot these chores in. I would like to have it slotted monthly but as i have 15 rooms. If it seriously had to take a longer cycle maybe spread out or do every 3 months.

        Could you please suggest something for me? I would seriously appreciate it. Also…if i may ask how long does your cleaning take daily. I if possible dont want to spend a huge amount of time daily cleaning because then i get stuck in a rut.

        Please could you please make a suggestion for me. I used to have a helper but she has left due to her health.

        Many thanks and honestly much much appreciated.

        Diana Faith du Plessis Swart

        1. Author

          I recommend just picking a day for those deep cleaning tasks once a month. Spread them out over the month or pick a weekend in the month to focus on getting all of the deep cleaning tasks done. Either way you have it scheduled and you know when you need to accomplish those tasks.

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