7 Easy Cake Decorating Trends For Beginners

7 Cake Decorating Trends Featured

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners - How To Decorate Cake For Beginners - 7 Insanely Popular Cake Decorating Tips and Tricks
Cake Decorating Ideas, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks To Create Beautiful Cakes - Birthday Cake Decorating Idea for Easy Cake Decorating - 7 Trendy Cakes With Decorating Tips
7 Beginner Cake Decorating Tricks - How to decorate cakes
Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners - How To Decorate Cake For Beginners - 7 Surprisingly Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake decorating is an art. Cake decorators are artists. For us everyday people we sometimes lack the skills necessary to decorate cakes. Then Pinterest happened and now we can learn from the artists themselves. Here are some easy cake decorating ideas you can try at home.

I love decorating cakes. Decorating a cake reminds me of art and as an artist I love creating new designs or using new techniques to create beautiful pieces of food art. Of course, you can’t decorate a cake without an awesome tasting cake recipe. Check out these 35 cake recipes for some new and amazing cakes. Also, check out 13 more cake decorating ideas here.

If you really struggle with cake decorating and need some helpful hands on instruction, Craftsy has some fantastic online classes to help you hone your craft.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

Easy Drip Cake Idea

7 Cake Decorating Trends

Drip cakes are an easy and fun way to decorate any cake. The trick here is to spoon small amounts of your ganache onto a cold cake. This will ensure that you get the different lengths of drips.

It takes some practice but once mastered can be a beautiful way to decorate everything from a birthday cake to a more formal cake.

Sprinkle Cake Decorating Idea

7 Cake Decorating Trends

Sprinkle cakes are great for birthdays and celebrations. You can try to roll the cake in the sprinkles or you can do it the way specified in this tutorial. I prefer doing sprinkle cakes as shown in the tutorial because it allows me to better control the overall coverage without messing up the cake.

Ruffle Cake Idea

7 Cake Decorating Trends

I love the look of ruffles on a cake. It’s a beautiful way to decorate cakes for showers of any kind as well as birthdays, family events, and more. I especially love the use of the ombre effect on this cake.

Simple Fondant Cake Design

7 Cake Decorating Trends

How cute is this cake? I love the ease of creating this look. Do it all over the cake for a beautiful custom cake. No measuring, no template, just easy with her secret tool that most people have in their kitchen cupboard.

Galaxy Cake Idea

7 Cake Decorating Trends

We’ve all seen these cakes making the rounds on Facebook. To look at it you would expect some difficult and artistic styling went into this. Well not much really. This makes for a beautiful cake for many types of events.

Rosanna Pansino is a whiz with baked goods. I highly recommend you visit her YouTube channel here and also check out her blog here. Not only is she an awesome creator but she has a pretty cool baking line on Amazon here. Be sure to check her out.

Smooth Buttercream Cake Decorating Idea

7 Cake Decorating Trends

Fondant is can be extremely difficult to work with, luckily there is another way to get fondant smooth icing without fondant. This tutorial can help you to create a beautifully smooth cake without the hassle of fondant.

Cornelli Lace Cake Idea

7 Cake Decorating Trends

Look how beautiful this cake is! The brilliance of decorating a cake this way is it doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s perfectness is the curves, bumps and random nature. Perfect for a gathering with the girls, an engagement cake, mothers day or a birthday.

Beginners Cake Decorating Tips

Practice, practice, practice. Your friends, neighbors, and family will not mind you practicing and donating cakes to them. Decorating cakes is a sort of art form. You get better only by practicing.

Buttercream holds it’s shape better when it is cold so after you make it put it in the fridge for a little bit before you put it in your decorating bag. Additionally, try practicing designs on a sheet cake, they are easier to make and while you get used to the simultaneous squeeze and design it’s a great way to practice.

Experiment with designs and don’t be afraid to try something new. Use cupcakes and sheet cakes for practice. Additionally, these small cake pans are a great way to make small cakes to practice on without having huge cakes to eat in your house.

Remember, Craftsy has some fantastic online classes to help you hone your cake decorating skills.

Now that you have access to every popular cake decorating trend, get in your kitchen and start baking. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this post to return to later for all your future cake decorating needs.

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