How To Create A Routine That Works For You

6 Tips To Create A Routine That Works For You - Boost Productivity With A Routine That Is Made For Your
Boost Productivity With A Routine That Is Made For Your - Productivity Tips to keep you on track with a routine
Daily Routine Creation For A Productive Schedule - Time Management in the Daily Routine for Mom - Create A Routine That Will Completely Organize Your Entire Day

If it weren’t for my daily routine I wouldn’t be nearly as productive as I am. Ever since I gave birth I have had what I call mom brain. It’s basically the same as scatter brain but feels a lot worse. To help combat mom brain I created and set up a routine that works for me. Today I’m showing you how to create your own routine.

No one routine works well for everyone. This is why we all need our own routines, personalized to our daily needs and tasks. While I give examples of what my routine is like you will adjust your the times and tasks of your routine as needed.

Being a work at home mom has its advantages. However, with those advantages often comes with extra daily tasks. Let’s work out a way to tackle those tasks.

I highly recommend that you stop and really look at all your weekly tasks. Let’s first get rid of some of those tasks and look at only the most important.

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    How to Create a Routine That Works For You - 3

    I know they are all important but let’s not worry about every single task just yet. We are going to first lower our expectations of what we can get done in a day.

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    Pick 3 Tasks

    Write down all of your weekly tasks. I’m not talking little tasks, only the tasks that involve actual work, or a devotion of time to. These are task you don’t necessarily enjoy doing but are necessary to complete. Work would be classified as one task.

    Group them in threes, one hard, one medium, and one light task.

    Pick 4 Fun Tasks

    Write down some of the things you like to do. These can be as small as drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning to spending 30 minutes at the gym.

    You will create four groups and label them 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 Minutes. Now put your fun tasks in it’s corresponding fun grouping. These fun tasks are going to break up your day to make it more enjoyable.

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    What To Expect

    When creating any routine there will be a period of adjustment. If a routine isn’t working out for you, switch it up and try again.

    It’s ok to have a routine that isn’t exactly the same every single day. I actually highly recommend this. By identifying weekly tasks your routine can revolve around those instead of all the little stuff we do.

    Additionally, having a routine does not mean that you absolutely need to stick to it every single day. This leaves no room for spur of the moment things that you or your family will enjoy.

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    What is a Panda Day?

    A Panda Day is a day where you do nothing but eat, play, and relax. Just like an actual Panda. If you don’t like Panda’s (which who doesn’t like panda’s?) You can substitute any lazy animal.

    Once every couple of months but no more than once a month declare a Panda day. Do not schedule it. Reserve these vacation days for day were you just really don’t feel like doing anything at all.

    Creating Your Routines

    Decide your Wake Up Time and Bedtime

    To create your routine you will decide when you will wake up and when you will shut down for the night. Setting a wake up time is a bit easier than setting a bedtime. Especially if you are like me and get these bursts of productivity around 9pm.

    There are many a nights that I will look at the clock realize it’s after midnight and I’m still wide awake. Sometimes I go with it and deal with being a bit tired the next day – but I don’t recommend doing this often.

    How to Create a Routine That Works For You - 2

    Try to pick a time close to your natural wake up time. Mine is 7 am. This means I can start my day without an alarm.

    For a bedtime I usually go with 10 pm. Like I mentioned previously that doesn’t always happen. However, this is a great time for me to shut everything down and start relaxing for the night.

    Your First Task

    Start your day off right with a fun task from your 5 minute group. Everyday my first fun task is drinking a cup of coffee while I check the previous day’s stats on my business.

    Yours can be whichever fun task you have picked. This allows you to wake up, get organized, and get your brain moving. Additionally, starting your day off right with a fun relaxing task can help direct the day in a positive direction.

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    Planning Your Routine

    I recommend doing this at night so you go to sleep with a clear mind knowing all the next day’s tasks are planned out. After your first task do a chore or start work.

    The chore first works out really well for me. It gets my body moving as I start a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen, and possibly vacuum. I spend no more than 15-20 minutes cleaning up the house and tackling my first chore.

    After completing the chore I start work. I sit down and write, market, send emails or any number of daily work tasks. I spend anywhere from an hour to 3 hours on work related tasks.

    This is not 3 hours straight. I take breaks to stretch, get more coffee, or eat something. I also am available to anything my toddler may want or need during this time.

    Break Up That Day

    Having a successful routine means you don’t just work. After accomplishing a light task, and then your hardest task do something fun. For me that is spending an hour playing, cuddling, or teaching my son.

    This play time breaks up that day so you can unwind a bit before you tackle the next task of the day. You will return to work feeling refreshed and make your more productive throughout the day.

    How to Create a Routine That Works For You - 1

    Once you spend some time relaxing, it’s time to work on medium tasks. Spend about 2 hours working on this task then take a good 30 minute break doing something fun.

    After that do a small chore like making dinner. Now you can shut down for the day and end the day by doing something fun.

    For me, I like to read, bullet journal, or binge watch something on Netflix. Now, my routine is not always the same and I leave it open to distractions and interruptions because I am a work at home mom. This is fairly typical of what my day is like though.

    Why This Works

    There is no one routine that will work for everyone. Just like with personalities routines are going to vary.

    With that said, using this method to plan your routine allows for major productivity. Due to the possibility of interruption if I have a day where I am interrupted a lot, the three hour work period is extremely helpful.

    That 3 hour period where I might be interrupted for a few minutes every half hour is still an extremely productive time period. Your time period may be shorter though I don’t recommend going any longer. Adjust as needed.

    Another reason why this works is because you are forcing yourself to have some fun throughout the day. That fun time really helps to reduce the stress in your life. It helps to reset your mind so that the rest of your day goes as smoothly as possible.

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    Final Thoughts

    Since lowering my expectations on how much work I would get done every day and incorporating this type of routine, I have seen a drastic improvement to my productivity. I am able to attend to my child’s needs while still encouraging independence for him and getting work done in the process.

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      Do you have a routine that works well for you? Leave a comment below letting me know. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your productivity boards.

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      1. i was wondering if you could do a blog for someone who works full time. And not much time at the end of the day for tasks?

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          While I personally cannot because I have two blogs I work on already, it is possible to work a lot of hours, have a family, and start a blog. I know because I did it. I worked 60 hours a week, took care of a toddler, took care of a house, and built this blog until it made enough money for me to quit that job. Now I work full time on this blog, part time on another, and I still take care of a toddler and a house. It’s possible.

        1. Author

          Panda days are the absolute best. They can be extremely refreshing too.

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