The Complete Guide to Group Boards for Etsy

The Complete Guide To Using Group Boards For Etsy Featured

The Complete Guide to Using Group Boards For Etsy - Etsy success tips for using Pinterest for your Etsy shop
Follow These Tips to Boost Sales on Etsy Using Group Boards - Etsy success tips to boost sales using Pinterest
7 Essential Group Boards for Etsy Sellers - Plus tips to being successful on Etsy using group boards on Pinterest

If you’ve done any research into having a successful Etsy shop I’m fairly certain you’ve come across how you need to use Pinterest. I personally saw a lot of success in using Pinterest for Etsy. A lot of that success came from using group boards.

Before we get started take a look at my other Etsy posts.

Now that you are all caught up let’s take a deeper look into group boards. Often times people feel confused by the idea of group boards. For a long time I did too. I didn’t see much coming from the group boards and quite frankly had all but given up on my Etsy store.

A week and a half after I stopped pinning I had a pin go viral. Immediately, I started making sales. That one pin brought in over $300 revenue in one month. That’s when I really took a look at my pinning strategy for my Etsy store and revised it greatly.

I started joining more group boards, more art related group boards, and revised my entire strategy. I’m giving away a little bit of that strategy along with the best group boards I was apart of.

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    Understanding Group Boards

    Group boards work like this. I have 10,000 followers and start a group board in a specific niche. You ask to be apart of my group board and I invite you to collaborate. You join the group board. Every pin you pin to my group board has the potential of reaching my 10,000 followers.

    I say potential because with the smart feed that doesn’t always happen. The point of the smart feed is to provide a mixture of content to Pinterest users. It will mix content from followers as well as pins that the user would be interested in based on recent searches.

    What to Look For in a Group Board

    Look at the follower number and the number of pinners on the group board. Check out the number of pins on the board. Look at the name and description of the group board. All these things are vital.

    Just because a board has over 100,000 followers does not automatically make it a fantastic group board. Chances are high that board is actually not great at all. If the board has loads upon loads of pins there is a good chance that board is not being maintained.

    There are probably loads of duplicate pins, broken pins, and irrelevant pins too. All these things will ruin a group boards chances of getting seen. Pinterest will see duplicate pins, low repin rates, and hold pins on these boards back because it will think the pin is something other than what it is. Additionally, Pinterest hates broken pins.

    The Name and Description

    There are loads of group boards for Etsy sellers and a lot of them aren’t doing great. Why? Because they are not keyword rich boards.

    If you sell fashion you really need to be on fashion boards. If you sell home decor you should be going for home decor. When you pin your product to these group boards Pinterest will look at your pin and say, “Oh, this pin is related to home decor.” Then Pinterest will be more likely to feature that in a Home Decor search.

    Followers, Pinners, Pins

    Lots of followers are great. Lots of pins or lots of pinners, not so much. You want boards with a low amount of pinners. Lower amount of pinners with a smaller amount of pins means your pin will be more likely to be seen.

    Additionally, it’s ok to be on boards that have lower follower counts. Especially if that board is niched down. If the board has strong keywords in both the title and the description but not so many followers that is ok. It just means this board will be used to help build up your pin strength to be found in searches.

    There are no magic numbers it’s about looking at the strength of the board when it comes to what is being pinned to it and the keyword strength. The majority of the pins should look like they match the title and description of the board. If they don’t, chances are high that board is not worth your time.

    The Winning Pinning Strategy

    Now that you know what to look for in a group board we can take a good look at our pins and pinning strategy. You do not need to spend all day on Pinterest, though sometimes it will feel like it. However, we want Pinterest to like us and Pinterest loves active users.

    Look at your Pins

    Is the image clear and at 600×1200 px? Do you have at least 3 pin images? Do you have a text overlay and is the font bold and easy to read? Are you using colors with a red tone? These are all things that work extremely well on Pinterest. Your Pin images should contain these things.

    You need to help Pinterest understand what your pin is by using great generalized and niched keywords in your pin descriptions and pinning to relevant boards. You can check to make sure Pinterest knows what your pin is by clicking on your pin to expand it and checking the pins underneath by scrolling down.

    If the recommended pins are relevant to your pin, you’re doing a great job. If not you may want to see if you can add anything to your image or change your description to help guide Pinterest. Additionally, pinning to niched boards will help Pinterest too. Check your pins regularly and give them a week or so to update as you make changes.

    How to Pin

    Pinterest loves active users. More active users means Pinterest has a bigger audience. The bigger the audience the more likely bigger corporations will use Pinterest to promote their products via paid promotion. Which means more money in the pocket of Pinterest.

    When you are active on Pinterest they want to reward your activity by featuring you, a board, or your pins more often. When you see success from Pinterest you keep using it and Pinterest has a larger base of active users to brag about and profit from.

    So you will need to be an active user in order to see success on Pinterest. You cannot fake being an active Pinterest user. Scheduling pins is no more of a time saver than doing it manually. Additionally, I’ve personally seen more success with manual pinning.

    Pin Schedule

    When you pin doesn’t matter as much these days with the smart feed. I highly recommend pinning throughout the day. Pin once to every group board you are on, rotating group boards and pins.

    Repin your original pin (the one that should be on the board dedicated to your store) to your group boards. Once in the morning, once at lunch, once after dinner, and once before bed you will pin four different pins to four different group boards. Follow each session with pinning four pins from your stream to your own boards.

    Here’s the part that is crucial to proving you are an active user of Pinterest. Spend about 30 minutes at some point in the day actually opening pins and looking at the website the pin comes from.

    Additionally, take a bit of time daily, to pin at least one pin from your group boards to your boards. It helps the group board to do well which in turn helps your success in using Pinterest.

    The Best Etsy Group Boards

    This is not by any means an exhaustive list however these boards worked really well for me. Be sure to check the section after this for some tips on how to find additional group boards in your niche.

    These boards are best for pinning strong pins to. If Pinterest knows what your pin is about (check the recommended pins under your expanded pin) then pinning to these boards will get your product in front of a wide audience.

    Finding Group Boards

    While a lot of “Pinterest Experts” will claim you should check out PinGroupie to be honest I don’t know the last time that site was updated and I’ve never had a lot of success with it.

    I highly recommend searching for your competitors on Pinterest and seeing what group boards they are on. Check out the most successful people in your niche, find their profile on Pinterest, and look through their boards.

    Group boards will have a circle with three sections of different profiles. Apply to the ones your competitors are on.

    Applying for Group Boards

    When applying for group boards do not write a full paragraph. Nobody has the time to read all about your business, what you do, how you pin, or anything else you might be told to put in there.

    Simply introduce yourself. Tell them you’d like to be a contributor on their group board. Write the name of the group board. Give your Pinterest URL and the email address you use for your Pinterest account.

    Be sure to follow them and do your best to message them either via email, facebook, or even their Etsy store. I have found more success messaging people this way than through the Pinterest app.

    Follow the Rules

    The most important tip to follow is to follow all the rules of the group board. If the board says to only post pins 5 times a day post no more than 5 times in a day. Also, try to avoid duplicating pins on your group boards.

    Additionally, always space out your pins. This gives the board a much cleaner look and it won’t annoy people who are following the board. Give it an hour or more before you pin again.

    I recommend for those first few pinning sessions that you make sure you have at least 5 or more pins between your pins. This will also help you set up a schedule for when you pin to each of the group boards.

    Final Thoughts

    Setting up Pinterest so that you can use it to make a lot of sales on Etsy takes a bit of time. Especially in the beginning. I promise once you get into the swing of things you will only spend 30 minutes to an hour every day on Pinterest.

    Set up or plan all your other social media with scheduled posts for about a month. This will give you enough time that you can focus fully on getting your Pinterest marketing running smoothly, while still allowing you time to focus on your business.

    Finally, there is no such thing as too many group boards. Apply to 5-10 a day every day. You may get accepted to a few, you may get no response on others, you may get flat out denied on some. It’s ok. Just keep applying and keep a spreadsheet of all the ones you apply to so you aren’t annoying the owners of the boards if they are not accepting anymore contributors.

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      If you have any questions about group boards for Etsy leave a comment below and I will happily answer the question the best I can. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your business boards.

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