9 Products to Completely Organize Kids Toys

9 Products To Organize Your Kids Toys - featured

Declutter and Organize Kids Toys - Control Toy Clutter With These Organization Tips - Say Goodbye To Toy Clutter For Good With These Smart Tips
Organizing Toy Clutter Without Playrooms - Tips for Controlling Toy Clutter in Living Rooms and Bedrooms - Finally Conquer Toy Clutter With These 9 Products
Declutter and Organize Kids Toys - Control Toy Clutter With These Organization Tips - 9 Products To Completely Organize All Your Kids Toys

Any mom can tell you just how aggravating it is to look at your otherwise clean home just to see a sea of toys in your living room. This is how I keep the toy clutter to a minimum and how you can organize your kids room.

At some point every parent will walk into their child’s room and walk right back out again to go get the garbage bags. Instead of throwing away all of your kids precious toys, we can organize your kids room.

Before we get started on the organization park you will need to declutter and go through all your kids toys. It is best to do this over a weekend and preferably when your child is with a grandparent or at a friends house. This will help you to avoid the natural hoarder in your child.

Ditch the cleaning overwhelm and check out the exact planner I use to keep my house decluttered, organized, and clean without losing my mind.

You want to get rid of any toys that your kid may not play with anymore or are broken. Create three piles; keep, donate or sell, and trash. Throw away any broken toys that cannot be fixed easily. Box up toys that are not broken but your child no longer plays with. These can be sold or given away.

If you still have a lot of toys in your keep pile you can separate them into several different piles and start a toy rotation. There is a right way and a wrong way to do a toy rotation. Toy rotations will also only work for a limited amount of time. By the time your child reaches 6-8 years old they may grow out of the need for a rotation.

Set aside 5-10 toys that your child absolutely loves playing with. Split up the remaining toys into two or three bins. Now you will place marks on the bottom of every toy so they match with the bin they belong too. I find blue, red, and green marks in permanent marker on the toys work best.

When it’s time to rotate in the next bin of toys every couple of days grab a toy to rotate in and one to rotate out. Then once all the toys are rotated in and out you can wait a month or two before you start the next rotation cycle.

Doing the toy rotation this way helps your child adjust to the new toys by still having some of the older ones around. Plus they will always find new creative ways to play.

Now that you have gone through all the toys and cleared out some of them you can begin organizing your kids room.

Kids Closet Organizer

Start off by installing a closet organizer like these. This will help loads when trying to organize kids clothing, blankets and extra items.

Get a few different kinds of over the closet rod hanging solutions for extra clothing, blanket, and toy storage in the closets.

Once you have the closet all set up and organized the rest of the room will be a breeze. Proper toy storage all comes down to using the hidden and extra spaces in the room.

Kids Room Storage

Now you can organize the rest of your kids room. First you need to decide if you want to use the height of the room for storage or just keep all their toys within reach. If you child is over the age of 3 I highly suggest you keep most of everything within reach.

I know my child is a climber and a problem solver. If he wants something he would not think twice about climbing up to get what he wants. This of course means I cannot use height to organize my kids room.

Shelves for Kids Rooms

This storage shelf unit is perfect for organizing kids rooms because it’s only 48 inches tall. This means your child can reach the top shelf easily. The deep bottom bins means the piece is also less likely to tip forward onto your child if they do try to climb it. For extra security there are straps so you can tether the unit to the wall.

Kids Storage Bins

These kids storage bins are fantastic for holding all those little toys and pieces that somehow your child gets a boat load of. It always happens your kids will find the most random small toys that they will love to play with. With this all the toys have a place to go so you can stop stepping on them.

Toy Storage For Living Room

It is inevitable that your kid will try to drag all of their toys out of their bedroom and into your living room. If you find this happening you may find it easier to keep certain toys in the living room and others in the bedroom.

Of course you want your living room to look like adults live there and the house isn’t ran by your child. So there are a few creative solutions to this so that you can have grown up looking furniture that doubles as toy storage.

Get a storage ottoman like this one for easy hiding of toys.

A toy bin will have visibility but at least everything is in one spot and looks more organized.

A cube organizer with fabric bins https://amzn.to/2Ok7onn works really well on hiding toys and being able to put favorite books away. I love how this keeps my floor free from clutter, easily hides the toys, but still has a grown up modern look to it.

Finally, you can just get a good looking toy chest to place in your living room. Teach your child to put the toys away in their own toy chest and you will still have a nice looking living room.

Organize Kids Room

With a well organized kids room, toy rotation, and even toy storage in the living room you will feel less and less like throwing away toys. Go through the toys from time to time and get rid of the toys that are broken or no longer played with. This will go a long way to keeping the disorganization to a minimum.

What are your favorite toy organization tips? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your kids room boards.

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