8 Small Closet Organization Tips You Need To Know

8 Small Closet Organization Tips You Need To Know - featured

Small Closet Organization Ideas For Apartments - Closet Organization Hacks For Clothes and Accessories - Finally Organize That Small Closet For Max Space
Small Closet Organization Ideas - Declutter and Organization Tips for Small Closets - 8 Small Closet Organization Tips You Need To Know
Closet Organization Hacks For Small Apartment Sized Closets - Closet Organization Ideas For Clothes - Take Control Of Your Small Closet Space And Finally Get Organized

I have always had small closets and over the years I have learned of new ways to organize them to maximize the small space I have. Here are my small closet organization tips.

It’s not always easy to organize all of your clothing into a small closet space. However, there is probably more space than you realize. Small closet organization can absolutely be achieved if you just look at all of the space in your closet.

You need to look from floor to ceiling and visualize all the ways you can organize your clothing and accessories into this space. This could be hooks on the wall space, extra shelving or rods, and even utilizing that one spot at the front and very top of your closet.

Are you starting to imagine how you can add more space to a small closet? Great. Let’s go through all of my tips for small closet organization. First, we are going to decide what actually needs to go in your closet.

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    Declutter First For Small Closet Organization

    No matter what, the first step to an organized anything is decluttering. It means going through and getting rid of anything and everything that you no longer use or need.

    When you go to organize your small closet go through the items and decide exactly what you need out of the closet first. Then with everything else you determine what you will donate, what you will throw away, and what you will keep.

    In decluttering it’s ok to be a little vicious. If you haven’t worn it in a year and you don’t know when you will wear it again it might be best to just get rid of it.

    Once you declutter your closet it’s time to figure out what actually belongs in this closet.

    Ditch the cleaning overwhelm and check out the exact planner I use to keep my house decluttered, organized, and clean without losing my mind.

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    Find Other Places To Store Items

    The next step is to make sure that everything in your closet actually belongs there. Too often we store things in closets when they would be better served in a different spot.

    Store extra towels on shelves in the bathroom or under the bathroom sink. Store extra cleaning supplies in the laundry room or kitchen.

    By only storing what is necessary to the room your closet is in you can free up loads of space and make the process of refilling supplies easier in each room. This will save you time, frustration, and lots of space.

    Small Closet Organization

    Small Closet Organization Tips

    Now that you know exactly what is going into your closet let’s look at ways you can organize the whole thing to maximize your space.

    Add In Additional Bars

    Adding additional bars to your closet give you extra space to hang clothing. This also allows you to hang clothing in an organized manner.

    This double hang closet rod gives you double hang abilities with no tools necessary. Or you can add a rod like this if you need more space.

    Placing shirts on top and pants on the bottom you can more easily decide on an outfit to wear. Or placing a lower bar in a hall closet your children can reach the bar to hang up their coats instead of leaving them on furniture.

    One simple addition to your closet can easily make it so your whole house stays cleaner longer.

    Use Baskets To Organize

    Stop the cluttered closet floor mess by using baskets or totes to organize shoes, purses, and extras. If you have a smaller overall house you can use baskets and shelving in lieu of dressers.

    Simple organize your folding clothes inside baskets in your closet instead of using a large bulky dresser for your clothing.

    Add Shelving

    Speaking of shelving add some more to your closet. Place shelf like this in the middle of your closet with attached rods on either side to maximize your space and keep it organized.

    This will allow for massive organization of folded shirts, shoes, and other items you need to store in your closet. Likewise you can add an additional shelving on the floor of your closet to keep things organized too.

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    Use Wall Space

    Too often we forget the power of wall space in our closets. On the back wall you can hang coat racks or hooks like these to hold purses, ties, belts, and scarves. You can add additional storage on the sides of your closet as well.

    This means all your accessories are easy to reach yet hidden away so you can easily find them. I also won’t tell your husband about that fabulous new purse that you’ve hidden back there. Just tell him you’ve had it forever if he ever mentions anything.

    Use Door Space

    If you have a door that swings open use the door space to hold accessories, jewelry, or shoes. It keeps your floor clear from clutter and is full empty space that can be utilized with ease.

    Hang command hooks on the inside of the door for all your necklaces. Hang small baskets to hold rings or bracelets. You can even create an earring holder using batting, pretty fabric, and a staple gun to create a place to put all your earrings.

    Use Floor Space

    Utilize your floor space. Add small cubbies like these for shoes. It will keep your floor clear and your small closet organized.

    Place extra small totes organized by accessory so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. Try nice drawers as a way to add extra space in your closet.

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    Organize a Small Closet

    Small closets can be horrible to deal with but with the right organization hacks they can store a lot of things easily. Take stock of all the space in your closet and utilize all of it to get your clothing, coats, and storage under control.

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      Do you have any small space organization hacks? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your organization boards.

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