6 Date Night Ideas At Home That Don’t Suck

6 At Home Date Night Ideas - Date Night Ideas That Don't Suck - featured

Save Date Night With These 6 At Home Dates - Romantic Date Night Ideas For When The Babysitter Cancels
At Home Date Night Ideas For Married Couples - Romantic At Home Date Night Activities - 6 At Home Date Night Ideas That Don't Suck
6 At Home Date Ideas To Save Date Night - Romantic Date Night Ideas For When The Babysitter Cancels
At Home Date Night Ideas For Parents - Have A Date Night at Home When the Babysitter Cancels - 6 Super Cheap At Home Date Ideas

When Rob and I had Lucas we had to get creative with our date nights because we had no family near us. We came up with some create date night ideas at home and surprisingly they all were fantastic. I’m sharing these with you so you can have at home date nights that don’t suck too.

It happens to every parent at some point. You plan this amazing date night, set up the babysitter, make the reservations, and plan your outfit. Then an hour before you’re supposed to leave your babysitter calls and says they can’t make it.

After cursing your babysitter, hopefully after you hang up the phone, you try to find any way possible to salvage your date night.

Lucky for you I’ve done most of the hard work. After years of living away from any family or friends and years of being too broke to go out, I have a ton of ideas to give you an awesome date night at home.

Date nights are vital to your relationship and as parents you rarely get them. So I’ve come up with date night plans that both of you will actually love.

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No weak, corny, or cheesy at home date night ideas. These date nights are geared towards bringing the two of you closer, spark a little flame, and be loads of fun.

Before we dive into the emergency date night options let’s look at the importance of dating your spouse to begin with.

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Why You Need Date Nights

There are many reasons why you need a date night with your spouse. The everyday routine can act like a fire hose on that flame you two have. Before you know it you are looking at your spouse and feeling a bit of a disconnect.

Date nights are vital for parents in order to stay connected. Let’s face it your spouse and you are planning on being together still long after the kids are gone. Why not set yourself up for success to make it that long.

Date nights open up communication between the two of you. They help you to plan, dream, and keep you close so that you remain close long after the kids are capable of taking care of themselves.

Encourage each other to grow and appreciate the changes that will happen with time. If you keep your communicating with each other you will grow together instead of grow apart.

Why You Need To Set Goals For Your Date Night

Setting goals for your dates sounds like a little too much, right? Hear me out though. Figure out what you two need as a couple. Do you need more cuddle time? Do you want to plan future goals together? Maybe it’s as simple as just having fun together.

Whatever it is you hope to accomplish with each other make sure your spouse understands the goal for the date night. This way you can both be on the same page when you start your date night.

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Why You Need To Be Best Friends

I was one of the lucky few in my generation. My parents are still happily married. It doesn’t mean they never had difficult moments. It just means that they worked on their marriage.

The one thing I noticed about my parents relationship is they always talked. They talked about everything. Their conversations ranged from politics to future dreams. They never stopped talking to each other.

I realized that this communication was so much more than just talking to each other. They were each other’s best friend. I realized their marriage was strong because they confided in each other, trusted each other, and supported each other as individuals.

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The most successful marriages rely heavily on being each other’s best friend. So strive to continue that in your own relationship.

6 Emergency Date Night Plans To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Alright let’s dive into the good stuff. These are not just your regular date night activities. These are plans you can make to enjoy each other and grow closer together.

Movie Night

Don’t just cuddle on the sofa, watch a movie, and call it a night. Watch a movie or TV show that stimulates the brain and causes discussion.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you watch a documentary. Rob and I love Star Wars and Marvel so we have regular date nights where we watch these movies.

Being fans of these franchises means we discuss everything about the films after viewing. Like the one time we discussed the disappointment in a certain character being a whiny bitch instead of a total badass.

Talking about your favorite movies and fan theories can be hysterically funny at times. Laughter is a great way to bring you closer to each other. If you do this make sure you watch something that sparks a conversation between the two of you.

Game Night

Bust out the board games or video games and start playing. This can be a great way to add a bit of laughter and spark into your relationship.

Rob and I enjoy playing video games together often. The fun in working together as a team to accomplish a specific goal is a great way to feel closer to your spouse.

Playing against each other helps you both to not take life so seriously. Unless you are playing monopoly, then all bets are off. I actually recommend no one plays monopoly with people they love, that game ruins relationships.

Play The I Love Game

Sit down together and one at a time state one thing you each love about each other. This game really helps to remember all the reasons why you love your spouse. You remember all the things you do for each other.

Additionally, this game helps you to feel appreciated for everything you do for your spouse. This keeps your relationship strong during times that you may be struggling as a couple.

Drinks and Conversation Outside

Depending on the time of year and where you live this may be easy or difficult to accomplish. The goal here is to have some drinks together, talk, and be where you can get some fresh air. If it’s a little chilly grab some blankets to wrap around you and cover you.

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If capable you can always start a little fire in your firepit to help you warm up a bit. No matter what you do spend this time enjoying a relaxing drink and discussing future goals and plans. Spend this time talking to each other.

Cook Dinner Together

Get into the kitchen together and cook meal together. I know this doesn’t seem like much of a date. This is why you must flirt with each other. Give each other pinches, touch smalls of the back, and flirt with each other.

Spending this time together will help to ignite little sparks and leave you both feeling closer to each other. Flirting with each other raises desire levels and is a great way to be romantic with each other.

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Have An Early Breakfast

This one can be a difficult one to accomplish depending on the age of your kids and how early they wake up. However, if you are lucky get up before the kids and spend the morning in the kitchen eating, drinking coffee, and talking.

While some people believe that breakfast dates aren’t actual dates I actually believe they are far more intimate than going to see a movie or going out to dinner. Being casual allows for a bit of intimacy other dates don’t offer. Being casual means you are far less guarded.

Final Thoughts

Having the perfect relationship doesn’t mean you do everything together. A great relationship is two individuals who are their own people. The key is to stay connected through communication and activities.

Do you and your husband date at home? Let me know what your at home dates are like in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your relationship and parenting boards.

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