6 Blogging Tips for Having a Successful Blog

6 Blogging Tips For Having A Successful Blog Featured

6 Tips to Help You Have A Successful Blog - Blogging Tips for Beginners
6 Blogging Tips for a Successful Blog - What I've learned about blogging through this first year
Before You Write Check Out These Blogging Tips - Tips for blogging and creating content

Finding blogging tips that are useful and help with the actual process of starting and running a successful blog can be hard to find. Quite frankly, a lot of the tips are only things you can learn once you dive in. In this post I’m sharing everything I’ve learned since starting this blog.

In May it will be a full year from when I started taking blogging seriously and putting in hours of work. While I started this blog in February of 2016 I quit my full time job due to personal issues in May and decided to go hard on my blog. There are a few things that I’ve learned on this journey.

If you are passionate about sharing knowledge and writing blogging can be a really fantastic and enjoyable experience. Turning it into a money making machine while you are passionate about it means you can make a living while doing what you love.

Who doesn’t want to make a living doing what they love? For me blogging is exactly that. I love every aspect of blogging. Writing, creating pictures, coming up with content, email lists, marketing, and all other aspects of blogging is something I genuinely enjoy.

Of course as with any new career blogging comes with it’s fair share of learning curves. In my first year of blogging, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I’ve also learned a lot. I’m sharing these with you today.

Making Money Blogging Does Not Happen Quickly

I never went into blogging thinking I would be making money within a couple of months. I did however think that I would be making substantial amounts of money within 6 months. While I know it’s possible, it’s not likely.

During this first year of blogging I still worked part time and held a couple of side gigs. The time the job and side gigs required took away from blogging.

This slowed the quickness of growth quickly, along with other aspects that I will get into later. If you are looking to leave your job immediately with blogging, think again.

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You Must Work To Support Yourself While You Blog

While some bloggers have a significant other that can support them while they pursue blogging, many of us do not. If you are one of the lucky few who can make living on one income work, that is fantastic. However, for those who are blogging without any other form of income this is one tip you need.

You need to continue to work while you get your blog going. If you absolutely cannot stand your job, apply for other jobs. Otherwise, set a goal of an end date in mind in 2 years.

Spend any and all of your off time working on your blog. Even if that means getting less sleep, delegating household chores out, or whatever else you have to do to get more time in the day. It will be a couple of years of hard work but it will be absolutely worth it.

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Content Really Is King

One of my biggest blogging tips is this. For the first year of blogging you will absolutely need to spend the majority of that time working on content. Quite frankly, you should start your blog with 40-80 posts in order to make sure you have enough content on your blog to keep people on it.

While it seem excessive to need up to 80 posts just to start, if you are looking for quick growth and to monetize quickly you need lots of content. I didn’t start seeing awesome growth trends until after having over 100 blog posts on my blog.

If you’ve already started your blog make content your #1 priority and push out as much as you possibly can. Keep a running brain dump of content ideas and just pull from the list and write every single day.

You will have days that you write more than others. Just try everyday. Even if the post gets rewritten or scrapped entirely you will continue the habit of writing everyday.

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Stay True To Yourself

All the big bloggers out there tell you to write to your audience. While yes you need to write to your audience you have to remember that you need to stay true to yourself.

Only write for topics that truly inspire you to write. If you write about what you think will make you more money you will lose passion for that topic fairly quickly.

Writing strictly to attract a certain type of audience when you aren’t necessarily passionate about the topic leaves you struggling to find content or even motivation. Stay true to yourself so that your passion always comes through in what you are writing about.

It’s Ok To Change Things Up

I changed up so many things when I first started this blog. I will continue to change things too as I see fit so that I continue to stay passionate about what I’m writing about.

It goes further than content. I’ve changed up my Pinterest graphics twice. My marketing plan has seen a lot of changes. It’s all ok.

Some changes were for the better, some were not. No matter what way it goes changes are bound to happen. Remember if the way you are doing things are not pulling in the results you want you need to consider changing things until they do. You also will need to give changes a little bit of time.

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A Schedule Is Important

When you start blogging you need to make sure you have a schedule in place. Schedules will help you stay on task. Additionally, it will keep you on track during this time to grow quickly.

Schedule everything from content writing to social media marketing. There are loads of different ways that you can schedule and I will go through those in an upcoming post. Make sure you subscribe to get notification of that post.

Keeping a tight schedule can feel very restricting so you need to make sure that you have things like personal time scheduled in to keep you sane. Burnout is a big problem in blogging make sure you get time to relax and recharge.

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Final Thoughts

I’m not done learning all of the things blogging has to teach me. I’m also not done sharing everything I learn. Blogging is an ever changing process and with each and every change there are areas that will need to be adjusted. I know in the future I will have more important blogging tips for you.

Stay open to what blogging will bring to you and you can find an extremely rewarding experience. Blogging can open up opportunities to careers, it can bring customers to your business, or it can be a business all on it’s own.

Let me know what you have learned from blogging in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your business and blogging boards.

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