5 Linen Closet Organization Ideas

Small Linen Closet Organization Ideas - Organizing Linen Closet Shelves To Maximize Storage - 5 Linen Closet Organization Ideas
Linen Closet Organization Ideas For Small or Bathroom Closets - Organizing Linen Closet To Maximize Space - 5 Steps To An Organized Linen Cosel Plus A Free Decluttering Checklist
Linen Closet Organization - 5 Smart Organization Tips To Get Control Of Linen Closet Clutter - Organization Ideas for Linen Closet - Control Clutter in Linen Closet
Organize Your Linen Closet In 5 Easy Steps - Linen Closet Organization Ideas with organization tips when there is no linen closet

For the longest time my linen closet was an absolute disaster zone. The door needed to be opened slowly because sheets and towels would most likely just fall right out. That was until I learned how to organize my linen closet.

Before you start trying to fancy fold towels to make more space take a look at what you actually need that’s in your linen closet. Typically you will need a few extra towels, hand towels, and washcloths. You may have some rags. There might be a couple extra sheet sets in there.

Additionally, you may have extra toilet paper, paper towels, first aid kits, and maybe a medicine box filled with man flu products for our husbands. You may even have some beach towels in there too. So this tiny closet can get cramped and cluttered quickly.

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    First thing you want to do is go through all the things in your closet and see what can be donated, trashed, moved to a different location or kept. Once you have that figured out you can start organizing your linen closet.

    These are the products I recommend to keep your linen closet organized and free from clutter.

    Fabric Baskets
    Medicine Box
    Toilet Paper Holder

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    Organizing Sheets in Linen Closet

    The first step to having an organized and clean linen closet is to have organized sheets. We all know how difficult folding fitted sheets can be so I searched through YouTube until I found the easiest sheet folding video I could find.

    This is exactly how I fold my fitted sheets, it’s by far the easiest and most efficient way to fold fitted sheets.

    Now that you have your fitted sheets folded, fold your flat sheets. For each set of sheets you will want to leave one regular size pillow case unfolded. Fold the other pillowcase and stack your sheets in the order of fitted, flat, and finally pillow case. Take the stack of sheets and place them inside the unfolded pillow case.

    5 Linen Closet Organization Ideas - 3

    Now that you have your sheets, folded and organized you can stack them for easy storage in one or two piles depending on how many sets you have.

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    Bath Towel Storage

    There are a lot of ways to fold towels. I used to fold towels to stack, now I roll my bath towels and hand towels in order to save loads of room in the linen closet. The video below shows the best way to roll towels so they stay rolled.

    Roll both bath towels and hand towels. Fold your washcloths in half and then in thirds to give yourself even more space.

    Hopefully you’ll now be able to put all your towels on one shelf.

    Linen Closet Shelf Organization

    Now that all your sheets and towels are folded correctly let’s start organizing those shelves for easiest access.

    Your medicine box or basket. Put all the medicine in this box and free up your entire bathroom or kitchen cabinet. Additionally, with it all high up you’re keeping it out of reach of your kids.

    On the 2nd shelf down stack your fitted sheet, flat sheets, and pillow cases. Extra blankets and comforters should go into a trunk or tote and stored away.

    One the next shelf you’ll put all your towels. Stack the rolls of bath towels on one side, your rolls of hand towels on the other, then your washcloths in the middle.

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    More Linen Closet Storage

    The linen closet is the best place to store extra bathroom needs like toilet paper and toothbrushes. Back when I purchased paper towels I would also store them in the linen closet.

    I usually stock the bathroom itself with a few rolls of toilet paper in a bathroom cabinet or on a shelf. The rest of the toilet paper stays in it’s packaging on the floor of the linen closet, right next to the paper towels.

    Finally, you can put nice fabric baskets on the top shelf to hold extra toothbrushes, bathroom stock, or other bathroom and laundry needs.

    Small Linen Closet Tips

    Even if you have an extremely tiny linen closet using the folding tricks above will help to keep your closet organized. You can take advantage of door space by securing hanging baskets to the door to hold extra washcloths or stock products.

    5 Linen Closet Organization Ideas - 4

    If you need the extra space in your linen closet try moving extra paper towels to under the kitchen sink. Get a toilet paper holder for your bathroom or stack any extras on the back of your toilet.

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    Recommended Products

    Final Thoughts

    The linen closet often turns into a mess with everything we store in there. Rolling your towels and putting folded sheet sets together in a matching pillow case goes a long way in organizing your closet. Putting extra bathroom items in baskets and drawers, starting a medicine box and putting a toilet paper holder in the bathroom keeps your linen closet from getting cluttered.

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      Do you have linen closet magic tricks? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your organizing and cleaning boards.

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