20 Super Creative Christmas Desserts

20 Christmas Desserts Your Kids Will Love Featured

Homemade Christmas Desserts - Christmas Cookies and Other Christmas Dessert Recipes - 20 Super Create Desserts To Make This Christmas
Easy Christmas Party Dessert Recipes - Creative Christmas Desserts For A Crowd - 20 Super Festive Christmas Desserts
Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes For Christmas Party - Fancy and Creative Christmas Desserts - 20 Super Fun Christmas Desserts

Christmas desserts are some of the best desserts to make. You can get into the Christmas spirit and create some wonderful treats. I’ve got some delectable desserts here today that will delight your holiday guests and impress anyone on your treats list.

I have included all sorts of treats in this list, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and more. While we all know the popularity of a cookie exchange why not mix things up this year and include other treats. Try a Christmas inspired truffle or bark and add them to the exchange.

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While for some the holiday season can make you feel stressed, we all know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Sweets can actually release happy hormones in your brain. I say it’s time to enjoy some sweet stuff to relax and be happy.

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit and start looking at some delicious Christmas desserts. Be sure to check out my tips at the bottom of this post for planning your Christmas desserts menu.

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Peppermint Oreo Truffles

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Peppermint Oreo Truffle

Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles

White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sugar Cookies

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - White Chocolate Peppermint Dipped Sugar Cookie

Red Velvet Truffles

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Red Velvet Cake Truffles

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Easy Peppermint Bark

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Easy Peppermint Bark

Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake Recipe

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Snowball Christmas Cookies

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Snowball Christmas Cookies

Peppermint Brownies

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Peppermint Brownies

Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes

Funfetti Shortbread Bites

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Eggnog Cake

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Eggnog Cake

Crinkly Cranky Grinch Cookies

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Grinch Cookies

20 Minute Christmas Crack

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - 20 Minute Christmas Crack

Easy Snowman Cupcakes

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Easy Snowman Cupcakes

Holiday Peanut Butter Balls

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Holiday Peanut Butter Balls

Gingerbread Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Gingerbread Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Polar Bear Cookies

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Polar Bear Cookies

Hot Chocolate Fudge

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Hot Chocolate Fudge

Eggnog Cookies

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Eggnog Cookies

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

20 Festive Christmas Desserts - Christmas Tree Cupcakes

When planning out your menu for desserts you want to keep a few things in mind. Think of the time you have available to devote. Is the rest of the dinner extremely involved? If it is you will want to pick desserts that can be made a day or two before.

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Cookies, candy, and fudge will hold just fine for a day or two. I recommend making cakes, pies, and cheesecakes the day before your event. This way they still have that wonderfully fresh taste to them.

When choosing make sure you have an array of flavors. You don’t want to offer just one item. Do a chocolate, a cheesecake, and a fruity dessert. Offer cookies, cake, and candy. This means everyone will get a little something for their tastes.

Which Christmas desserts are you most excited to try? Leave a comment below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite Holiday Boards.

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