17 Best Lego Sets For Kids

17 Best Lego Sets For Kids - featured

Cool Kids Toys For Christmas - Best Lego Sets for Kids - Legos for Toddlers - 17 Best Lego Sets For Kids
Best Lego Sets for Christmas - Best Kids Toys and New Ideas For Lego Storage - 17 Super Fun Lego Sets For Kids
Best Kids Toys For Christmas - Cool New Toys for Kids - Best Lego Sets and Organization Hacks - 17 Lego Sets Your Kids Will Love

I put this list of best Lego sets for kids together because Legos are the one toy that will always be a hit when gift buying for our son.

When it comes to toys I can be a bit of a minimalist. I actually hate tiny little toys with a passion at this point because they are always all over my living room. There is one exception to this – Legos.

Legos will always get a pass from me in the annoying department because I know the benefits that come with a child who plays with Legos. I know what children who play with Legos grow up to be like.

Not just that but it is an eternal toy. I regret donating my old legos years ago, lucky for me though – my husband kept all of his. He has a huge 5 gallon drum of all his old legos and I’m so grateful for that.

Not only will those legos be handed down to our kid but the toy has amazing stay power which means one day our grandchildren might play with them too. How awesome is that?

Let’s talk about some of the ways that Lego’s help your child.

Strengthening Fine Motor Skills

Lego blocks are great for continued strengthening of fine motor skills. Start off with the larger duplo blocks and then move to the smaller classic lego sizes.

As your child clicks the blocks together and has a continued motion of picking up the small blocks there hand strength will increase. This hand strength will help with drawing and writing later.

You will also see hand eye coordination improvement as they continue to play with the legos.

Building Problem Solving Skills

As you may remember from when you were a kid building large creations with legos requires some problem solving.

Legos can greatly improve your child’s problem solving skills encouraging the natural scientist and engineer in every child. They can build large towers that don’t topple or a neighborhood of houses.

Getting Creative

You want to nurture your child’s creativity and legos are a great way to do that. Legos help your child to expand their imagination by building their own mini world.

Creative children will come up with new ideas or solutions to problems easily. They will have an imagination that can lead to them creating amazing products. They are also not afraid to ask questions and challenge things.

That last sentence may scare you but a child that is willing to ask questions and isn’t afraid to challenge authority will lead to a child who isn’t afraid to be a leader. I would even make the assumption that some of our current greatest inventors were creative children who played with legos.

Playing Well With Others

Finally, Legos help to teach your child how to work cooperatively with others. Joining their imagination with another’s to create new tools, shapes, and cities.

This type of play will help them drastically in the future for school projects, working in a team environment, and developing those really important social skills. Playing with Legos with another child or even adults helps your child to understand how to play well with others.

Best Lego Sets

LEGO Star Wars VIII BB-8

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Attack

LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House

LEGO Friends Friendship House

LEGO City Police Station

LEGO City Hospital

LEGO CITY Fire Station

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

LEGO DUPLO Large Playground Brick Box

LEGO Duplo My First My First Bricks

LEGO DUPLO Creative Play

Lego Storage Bricks

You will need a place where you can store all of these legos, right? These lego bricks will store the legos and even make clean up fun as your child can create a mini wall of lego bricks in their room.

LEGO Storage Brick 8

LEGO Storage Box Brick 4 Bright Blue

Lego Sets For Kids

To develop problem solving skills, strengthen fine motor skills, encourage creativity, and teach your child how to play well with others you need to have Legos. The pain of stepping on a lego is far worth everything your child will gain from playing with them.

Which lego sets does your child absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your toys and activities boards.

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