10 Habits of Highly Motivated People

10 Habits of Highly Motivated People - featured

Habits to Start for Success and Motivation - Habits of Successful People - 10 Secrets You Need To Know From Highly Motivated People
Habits to Start for Success and Motivation - Habits of Successful People - 10 Life Changing Habits To Motivate You
Habits to Start for Success and Motivation - Habits of Successful People - 10 Ways To Boost Motivation

Have you ever wondered how to stay motivated to work? Or those days where you just don’t feel like you have any motivation? Like no matter what you do the motivation escapes you? I have found there are certain habits to help motivate you in your daily life.

These habits can be applied to any area of your life where you need to boost your motivation and productivity levels. I have had this help me to be more motivated in all aspects of my life. My domestic life, work life, and business all rely heavily on these habits. I turn to these 10 habits whenever I am lacking the motivation to work.

Now you don’t necessarily need to keep up on all 10 habits in order to be more motivated. Any combination of these habits will help in boosting your productivity and motivation. Additionally, listen to your body and your mind. Sometimes our lack of motivation is because we just need a day off.

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    All too often we forget that a little self care and a day away from all our work is all that is needed to get back on track. Working 7 days a week, never taking time to recover, and forgetting to take care of yourself can drastically harm your productivity levels.

    No amount of good practices, habits, or productivity boosting challenges will help when you are just burnt out.

    Take a moment to make sure that you are not just burnt out and needing some relaxation. Once you are sure that you are not burnt out and just lack the motivation to start or finish that project any number of these 10 habits will boost your motivation.

    10 Habits Of Highly Motivated People

    Below you will learn how to stay motivated to accomplish your work, build a business, or even just get all your daily chores accomplished. Try them all and discover which habits work best to boost your motivation levels.

    Keep Notes

    Have you ever had a situation where you were working on something and suddenly an idea sparks in your head. There are three courses of action to take when this happens.

    • Continue working on what you were working on and risk losing the new idea.
    • Start working on the new idea and risk losing momentum on what your were working on.
    • Write down the new idea to return to later and keep working on the current project till it’s finished.

    Keeping a notebook handy for these situations keeps you on track with current projects while keeping a log of all your ideas. Then once you are finished with one you can move on to the next, always keeping your momentum going.

    Brainstorm Often

    Try to spend time daily or at least weekly brainstorming new ideas. Training your brain to work daily on new ideas and new options your brain will start naturally thinking outside of the box to find more solutions to your problems.

    Brainstorming helps you to come up with a lot of ideas quickly. It also allows for you to get your brain moving and ideas out of your brain and on to paper. This action allows you to focus purely on the task at hand.

    Additionally, if there is a day where you just don’t know where to start you can always turn to your brainstorm lists. These brainstorming sessions create a list of things that you can work on when you need something to work on. When people ask me how to stay motivated, this is one of my favorite habits to recommend.

    Gratitude Journals

    You might be surprised to find out positivity can greatly boost your motivation levels. By recording what you are grateful for everyday you force your brain to start looking for positive things to record in your journal.

    A gratitude journal is especially useful when used every morning and evening. Start and end every day on a positive note where you find gratitude in everything. It’s especially useful to turn relationships around.

    If you are dealing with a difficult situation in a relationship, professional or otherwise, try finding one thing about that person that is positive. If you have a boss that is tough on you, you might try saying, “I appreciate how my boss pushes me to be better because they see potential in me.”

    Instead of saying “my boss is a huge pain in my ass” you are recognizing the good things about your boss. There are obviously situations where this may not apply. By recognizing the positive in difficult situations you can more easily change how you respond to the negative situations.

    Setting Daily Goals

    Every morning set a goal for the day. Work towards accomplishing that goal. When you are first starting this habit make the goals something easy to achieve. As you hit that goal daily you can start making the goals a little bit harder.

    For instance, you might start with “clean the downstairs bathroom.” This is a fairly easy to accomplish goal. After doing small goals like these daily for a couple of weeks your goals can switch to “Clean the whole house.”

    By setting the goals small at first you get into the habit of setting and accomplishing goals daily. Once you are in the habit it’s easier to set more ambitious goals to achieve daily. Before you know it you are accomplishing goals at a faster pace each day.

    Break Your To Do List Into Steps

    Highly motivated people often break their tasks down to smaller steps. In the previous example, instead of “Clean the whole house,” they break it down to cleaning specific rooms. This helps you to cross off more on your list making you feel like you are accomplishing more tasks.

    Try breaking down your bigger tasks into smaller steps. Focus on each individual step for 20-30 minutes and then take a short 2 minute break. Then focus on the next step. These small bursts of highly focused work helps you to accomplish more throughout the day.

    This habit is especially useful for those looking to boost their motivation quickly. If you have been feeling especially unmotivated this habit works quickly to boost motivation.

    Stick To A Schedule

    The most highly motivated and highly successful people have daily schedules they stick to. They wake up, eat, meditate, exercise, work, play, and sleep, at the same times every day.

    Scheduling your days helps you to sort of program your mind into behaving a certain way at certain times. If you have ever constantly woken up at a specific time each day you may have found yourself waking up before your alarm after a bit of time.

    Sticking to a schedule helps you to stay on target and motivated. Create a schedule that works with your daily life. A planner or bullet journal can help you to stay on task and following a schedule.

    Daily Exercise

    Exercise helps the brain in many different ways. It can help you to clear your mind for better focus. Exercise can also help reduce feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness and increase happiness hormones.

    Having a clear and focused mind can go a long way to boosting your motivation levels. Exercise packs huge health benefits that can improve your overall outlook on life. This improved outlook can be a great tool used to motivate you to work.

    Write a Best Possible Future

    Write out your best possible future and read it daily. Where do you see yourself in one year? What will you have accomplished? How much money will you be making? What things that you do daily will get your to your end goal?

    Read this best possible future really focusing on the daily tasks that will help you get to reach your best possible future. Daily focus on the things that will help you to succeed will motivate you to complete all your daily tasks.


    Some of the most highly successful people meditate daily. They have learned to clear their mind for 10-20 minutes at the beginning of their day to encourage focus. This meditation habit helps to enforce level thinking for an extremely productive day.

    There are lots of free meditation apps that you can download on your phone that will help you to stay on top of your daily meditation. Even if all you have time for is a quick meditation in the car before your work day begins.

    Remain Positive

    Successful people, motivated people, highly productive people are never negative. These people are always positive and surround themselves with other positive people. They avoid negativity in their day to day life.

    A negative mindset has a huge impact on motivation, productivity, and your life. Whereas, a positive mindset can not only keep you motivated and productive, it can drastically improve your entire life. Remaining positive in every situation will and learning to control negative feelings can be extremely impactful on how much you accomplish.

    How To Stay Motivated

    People ask me often about how to stay motivated. These habits are the best way to boost your motivation and get more done. While I have tried all of them the most successful for me are brainstorming, keeping notes, and staying positive. I recommend you stick to three of these motivation habits yourself.

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      Which three habits are you looking to help build up your motivation levels? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your work and motivation boards.

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